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Budget 1998-99 Focusing on Wrong Issues

The Budget 1998-99 is crucial since it encapsulates the economic thinking of the new BJP government. This article looks at the budget critically focusing on the following issues: Is the economic reform process to continue along the lines that had been demarcated? Has the 'swadeshi' rhetoric been reflected in the actual policy? Has the process of redefining the rote of the state been continued?

Budget 1997-98 and Role of the State

This article seeks to analyse the Budget 1997-98 within the broad framework of the role of the state in a changing economic environment The first part, dealing with short-term issues presents an analysis indicating that as the government reduces unnecessary regulation and permits the market to function by creating appropriate incentives, growth will occur. The second part, on long-term issues, shows that the long-term prospects for growth however are none too bright, in the absence of genuine meaningful state intervention. The neglect of the physical and social infrastructure is especially highlighted.

Interest Groups, Subsidies and Public Goods-Farm Lobby in Indian Agriculture

Interest Groups, Subsidies and Public Goods Farm Lobby in Indian Agriculture Ajit Karnik Mala Lalvani Indian agriculture exhibits a wide array of government controls combined with enormous subsidisation of inputs to the sector Apart from the subsidies, the federal and state governments incur large expenditures to provide public goods to agriculture. This article examines the influence of the farm lobby in determining the availability of subsidies and public goods to agriculture.

On Rent-Seeking

On 'Rent-Seeking' Ajit Karnik THE article by Amiya Kumar Bagchi 'Rent- Seeking', New Political Economy and Negation of Politics '(EPW, August 21), raises a number of issues in the area of rent- seeking, a term which has gained currency over the last decade. In response to this article I would like to make the following comments:


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