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Zika, Sex and Reproductive Health

With latest reports suggesting that the Zika virus could be transmitted through sexual relations,our working definition of reproductive health risk needs to be further expanded.

The Squabble that Never Ends

An impartial examination of the complexities underlying simple measures of fertility and population growth will reveal that we are all - Hindu, Muslim and Christian - driven by the same basic quotidian needs and constraints, and that our reproductive behaviour is one important way of reflecting these desires and dilemmas. These conclusions are not exciting, but they need to be publicised in the same way that the raw religious differences have been. This is the joint social responsibility of academia, the press, and political and religious 'leaders'. Such personal exercise of responsibility is essential because demonising the 'other' is easy, but it is also dishonest and it is often brutally consequential for all sides.

Family Planning and the Emergency-An Unanticipated Consequence

An Unanticipated Consequence Alaka M Basu While the impact of the Emergency on the Indian family planning programme was extensively commented upon immediately after the event, we now see a quite unanticipated, more long-term effect

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