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A Constructive Challenge to the Political Class

The Aam Aadmi Party has emerged to break the logjam created by the bad faith of the political class in issues raised by the democratic social movements. It is an attempt to overturn politics from above by a mobilisation of people from below, not just on a pro-people agenda but by using methods which will entrench democratic citizenship in our political system. This article is a statement of intent from one of the founding members of the AAP.

Understanding Lohia's Political Sociology: Intersectionality of Caste, Class, Gender and Language

Rammanohar Lohia contributed significantly to the formulation of an intersectionalist approach for understanding the inequalities, exclusions and exploitations in the power system of India. This was highly significant for interrogating the dynamics of power as well as the key determinants of the matrix of power - caste, class, gender and language. His perspective on the making of the Indian ruling classes and the power pyramid followed from an understanding of the linkages between these factors. Sadly, his model for building an egalitarian and prosperous social system through a set of interrelated socio-economic programmes, including preferential treatment of the backward sections, has found very few takers in its entirety.

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