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The Soni Soris and Arati Majhis of This World

Why is Durga Shakti Nagpal's uprightness upheld and even "saluted" while Soni Sori's assertion and Arati Majhi's innocence are condemned?

Can Caste-Based Rallies Be Banned?

On 11 July, the Lucknow bench of the Allahabad High Court, comprising justices Uma Nath Singh and Mahendra Dayal, issued an interim order on a public interest litigation (PIL) filed by a local lawyer, Motilal Yadav, banning caste-based rallies throughout Uttar Pradesh (UP) with immediate effect a

Nemesis of Narendra Modi?

Will the Ishrat Jahan false encounter case thwart Narendra Modi's juggernaut or will it also go nowhere in the labyrinth of the Indian politico-judicial system?

Keep Off Education

Today it is the Brihanmumbai Municipal Corporation's decision to privatise its schools, tomorrow it may be the resolution of all the other municipalities of the country.

Ambedkarites against Ambedkar

It is one thing to revere one's hero but quite another to consider him to be god. Following Ambedkar means being inspired by his vision of "liberty, equality and fraternity" and acting in accordance with his advice to "educate, agitate, organise" so as to realise his goals of annihilation of castes and achievement of socialism.

Criminalising People's Protests

The manner in which Irom Sharmila's demand for the repeal of the draconian Armed Forces (Special Powers) Act has been handled by the Indian state is indicative of its intent to further narrow the scope for democratic protest, even opposition that is centred on the right to life itself. With such actions, the state is subtly communicating to the people that there is no democratic option left in the country.

In Defence of Prakash Ambedkar

Prakash Ambedkar's recent statements that the political reservations given to dalits (scheduled castes) and the requirement of mentioning caste in school leaving certifi cates should be done away with, as also his stand against the hanging of Afzal Guru, all of which have evoked varied reactions, need to be refl ected upon.

Delhi Gang Rape Case

Why is it that heinous crimes -including the rape and murder of Surekha and Priyanka Bhotmange in Khairlanji - against dalits have failed to provoke anger amongst the larger Indian public? Were they any less gruesome than the recent Delhi gang rape? Even in the case of Khairlanji, despite spontaneous dalit protests lasting for over a month in Maharashtra and beyond, not even the so-called progressives had joined them. It was natural therefore that dalits felt alienated from the upmarket uproar against the Delhi gang rape.

FDI in Retail and Dalit Entrepreneurs

Questioning the thesis that foreign direct investment in retail will have a favourable effect on the fl edgling class of dalit entrepreneurs in India because processes of capitalist modernisation automatically undermine the significance of social identities like caste, creed and race, this article argues that only a minuscule section of dalits has benefi ted from globalisation while the majority, being "uncompetitive", has been pushed to suffer ontological insecurities and existential uncertainties.

Bal Thackeray and Maharashtra's Dalits

Though Thackeray has been faulted on many counts, an impression has been created that he was anti-caste and, by implication, pro-dalit. The truth is that Thackeray was as unscrupulous in making use of caste as he did in any other matter. His hatred for Babasaheb Ambedkar and his followers was deep-seated.

Caste in the Play of Corruption

Why does a Bangaru Laxman suffer prosecution for corruption but a Nitin Gadkari generally go scot-free? What of the part of caste in the play of corruption?

Haryana's Rapist Regime

In the wake of 19 cases of gang-rapes of dalit girls in Haryana in just one month, and the utter callousness with which the state government has dealt with such criminality, the time has come for dalits to embrace class unity in the struggle for liberation.


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