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North-South and East-West Keynesian Paradoxes

In his introduction to the Brandt Commission's report, the Commission's chairman, Willy Brandt, emph,a,sises that the report cannot be a technical document but that it nmust offer far-reaching "bold initia- tives" of political education. Yet the only significant bold initiatives to fo.iVge new instruments of mu- tual North-Souith interest are limited to short-run technical financial problems. The Commission believes that present and foreseeable medium-run difficulties are more serious than past recessions or crises and that it would be "dangerous and insincere to suggest they can be overcome with the conventional tools of previous de,cades". Yet the principal remedy proposed is the global application of the most conventional Keynesian remedies of the previous decla(des. As for the Brandt Commission's proposals for long-ruln program'lmes, and most particularly with re- gard to armaments, the mutual interest of North and Souith or East and West or indeed even within the West (or South or East) militates against their recognition and implementation. With nothing better than ideological survival prograinmes, Keynes was probably right' to say that in the long-run we are all dead.

Is Human Capital A Good Deal?

Is Human Capital A Good Deal?
Do We Know It When We See It?
ANDRE GUNDER FRANK Narrative 1: Kerala

Hamza Alavi

Hamza Alavi had a long distinguished career in various fields as diverse as farming, banking, academia and political activism. His was a life characterised by a deep, abiding honesty and a rejection of all hypocrisy.

Coup d'etat in Washington

Bush's accession to the presidency was in violation to the constitution. In the end he was not elected, but was selected in the supreme court. That was the beginning of the violation of the constitutional separation of powers and checks and balances. Since then the Bush administration has carried these violations farther than any previous one in US history.

Speaking Truth to Power about the Scientific Emperor s Clothes

Speaking Truth to Power about the Scientific Emperor's Clothes Andre Gunder Frank Naked Science: Anthropological Inquiry into Boundaries, Power, and Knowledge edited by Laura Nader; Routledge, New York and London, 1996; pp xvi + 318.

Asia Comes Full Circle in a Round World

Andre Gunder Frank Asia in Western and World History: A Guide for Teaching edited by Ainslie T Embree and Carol Gluck; Columbia Project on Asia in the Core Curriculum [CPACC], Armonk/London, M E Sharpe/East Gate, 1997; pp 998, pb $ 20.

Neither Innovation Nor Transformation

Neither Innovation Nor Transformation Andre Gunder Frank Innovation and Transformation in International Studies edited by Stephen Gill and James Mittelman; Cambridge University Press, Cambridge and New York, 1997; pp 294, price not mentioned.


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