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The Value of Place Names in India

Why do places have names? Can places be referred to without names? Who names territories? What kind of knowledge do names contain? How durable are place names? What are the processes that have shaped the names on the canvas of India? What changes have place names seen in India? What value should be given to place names? Based on a study of the names of India's states and union territories, this research explores the above questions.

Insensitive India

What is the treatment meted out to disasters by the government? How does the media treat the theme of recurring disasters? What is the status of information on disasters? What importance does academia give to the study and research on disasters? Only an intensive scrutiny of the answers to these questions can provide a comprehensive view of the concern for disasters in India, to do less would be a callous and careless approach to the victims of such disasters. The answers to these questions presented in this paper provide a distressing picture of the insensitivity of Indian society to disaster prevention and management.

Geography in India

Geography in India is a legitimised social science. The menu of courses it offers, the degrees that are conferred in the discipline are more within the realm of the social rather than the physical science. Yet geography has been sidetracked and ignored by other social sciences in India. Is it that other social sciences have a blurred perception of geography? Is it the absence of geographers from social science institutes? Or is it that geographers could not establish their credentials as social scientists? This paper tries to reason why geography in India is a languishing social science.

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