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Plight of Duncan Workers

The collective struggles of workers often do not give sustained attention to the plight of workers at the micro level. A recent report on abuses and violations of human rights in tea plantations in India noted: “Tea workers are at the mercy of tea garden owners and management.

Kashmir: Memories Speak

The recent popular upsurge led by Kashmiri youth against the state is organically connected with traumatic memories of oppression. Otherwise, it is difficult to explain their mental preparation to “exhibit acts of open defiance” at risk to their lives and to “face down bullets with stones”.

Savagery of the Civilised

“Encounter” killings and rapes have become an organic part of everyday life in the tribal state of Chhattisgarh in recent years. The fact-finding reports of human rights organisations bear testimony to it.

Colours of Violence in West Bengal

In the wake of the assembly elections in West Bengal in May 2016, instances of violence have been reported from different parts of West Bengal. In most cases, fingers have been pointed at the ruling party, the All India Trinamool Congress (TMC), for instigating politics of vendetta.

Rethinking Politics with Rajni Kothari

In her seminal essay, “Gramsci’s Subversion of the Language of Politics,” Anne Showstack Sassoon warns us that “if politics remains trapped within a view of reality based on outdated understandings, adequate solutions will never be developed for contemporary problems.” In India, among political t

Agamben on 'Politics'

In the context of the ongoing assembly elections in different states of India, politics and democracy take a specific meaning: exercising one’s voting right as a citizen in favour of a candidate belonging to a particular political party.

Development and Discrimination

In the dominant paradigm of development, the story of development is dissociated from the story of nationalism. The proponents of Gujarat model of development are silent about the massacre of Muslims in Gujarat in 2002.

On 'Security'

In a short article, “On Security and Terror,” Giorgio Agamben reminded us that “security” as the basic principle of state politics dates back to the birth of the modern state.


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