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Ranveer Sena and 'Massacre Widows'

The ongoing conflict between the landlord-backed Ranveer Sena and the Naxalites in Bihar acquired a new dimension during the 1999 Lok Sabha election season with the Sena fielding a candidate and parading 'massacre widows' before the electorate. Given the background of massacres in the state widowing many more dalit women than upper caste ones, the campaign ploy has provoked a debate centered of class, caste and gender.

Social Mobilisation in Bihar-Bureaucratic Feudalism and Distributive Justice

Bureaucratic Feudalism and Distributive Justice Arvind Sinha The Bihar countryside has undergone tremendous change in the last three decades. The landed classes of the past have given way to a combination of groups government officials, contractors, professionals, political functionaries of the ruling parties and the mafia gangs connected with them who constitute the new ruling class. A new form of exploitation has been superimposed on the old which directly uses the state agencies to consolidate its power. Any movement directed at social mobilisation in Bihar has to confront this reality.

State, Class and Sena Nexus-Bathani Tola Massacre

Bathani Tola Massacre Arvind Sinha Indu Sinha The recent Bathani Tola massacre in Bhojpur district of central Bihar again highlights the ongoing suppression of the struggles of the underprivileged by private armies of upper castes in alliance with the middle caste state apparatus.

BIHAR-Setback to Political Arrogance

Setback to Political Arrogance Indu Sinha Arvind Sinha The performance of the BJP in the 1996 elections described as unexpected by the media, was not really so. It was a fallout of the increasing arrogance of Laloo Prasad Yadav and his government's anti-people policies.

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