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Governing the Internet

Internet technologies have become a major part of our daily lives. Although the Internet began in the United States as part of a defence project, it has become much more now. There is no sole owner of the Internet and no single government or other entity has exclusive power over its functioning. The Internet was not originally designed with security in mind; however, it is now a concern that many countries have become vulnerable to cyberattacks. India must establish a concrete cybersecurity strategy that takes into account the views of central government departments, universities, industries, international allies and partners, and state and local governments.

Sexual Violence in Conflict Zones

Sexual and gender-based violence in conflict zones is largely regarded as an inevitable by-product of war, random acts of a few renegades, or mere collateral damage. Though a process for concerted action against SGBV during armed conflicts has taken shape in the wake of the United Nations Security Council resolutions as well as incorporation of crimes of sexual violence in the statutes of International Criminal Court and international criminal tribunals, more needs to be done to squarely address this menace.

Healing Touch

In terms of international law and relations, how is it possible to ensure “closure” of past wrongs as sovereign states and their heads seek to tender “apology” for simmering past incidents?

SIT for Reinvestigating 1984 Anti-Sikh Riots

Providing effective justice for victims of the 1984 anti-Sikh riots has remained the biggest challenge for India’s democratic credentials and working of the criminal justice system. There has to be a “better way” to deliver post-conflict justice which is victim-centered rather than retributive.This could be in the form of Truth and Justice Commission, which can help the victims to reintegrate into society through the truth-telling process, record historical facts and pave the way for social reconciliation and enduring peace in future.

Crimean Declaration of Independence

In order to assess the legal validity of the Crimean declaration of independence from Ukraine, one should delve into intricacies of secession and the right to self-etermination under international law. The right to self-determination was initially thought to be applicable in the colonial contexts. However, in the neocolonial situations the right often collides with the territorial integrity of the sovereign states.

The Kishenganga Final Award

The Court of Arbitration constituted under the Indus Waters Treaty has in its Final Award held that India does have a right to execute the Kishenganga Hydroelectric Project. But it has simultaneously decreed that India should maintain a minimum flow downstream, and more important, it should not - in this and all future IWT projects - use the "drawdown flushing" technique to deal with sedimentation.

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