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Explaining Cross-Country Variation in Income Inequality

Most earlier studies exploring the cross-ountry variation in the degree of income inequality (measured by Gini ratio) are valuable but for the inappropriate data on inequality comprising estimates of Gini from incomparable data sets such as national and sub-ational surveys, per person and per household income distributions, and income and expenditure distributions. This paper explores the cross-ountry variation in income inequality based on relatively more comparable data and suggests that public policy aimed at reducing inequality and freedom may be the key variables that explain the variation in the Gini across countries. Prospects for launching national policy initiatives to reduce inequalities are rather dim since globalisation could be conveniently used to rationalise a relatively high level of income inequality.

Standards of Teaching and Research in Economics

What does the number of papers published by Indians from India in six leading economic journals in the world tell us of the standards of teaching and research in economics in the country?

East Asian Economies

This essay deals with the saving and investment trends in the east Asian economies. They generated high rates of saving and used the resources productively. The high rates of saving reflect high rates of both private saving and public sector saving. The high investment rate was not only due to high saving rate, but also a relatively high level of inflow of foreign direct investment in some, backed by the policy of openness to trade and investment.

Globalisation, Development and Indian Reform Package

Globalisation, Development and Indian Reform Package Bhanoji Rao IN the abstract at the top of his essay and in the introductory (second) paragraph, Kalyan K Sanyal ('Paradox of Competi- tivenessand Globalisation of Underdevelopment', EPW, June 19, 1993) notes that it is essential that the idea of competitiveness be grasped in its full complexity before the appropriate reform package is presented, and that "there are reasons for one to suspect that in the Indian context, this awareness is particularly absent". The rather negative view flashed in the forefront does net do justice to the very impor- tant implications and suggestions for the Indian reform contained in the most comprehensive and well written essay. The aim of this note is to highlight them.

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