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On Article 35A

As members of the Concerned Citizens’ Group, we visited Kashmir recently, from 17–19 August 2017. This was our third visit since the formation of our group.

Stand with JNU-I: Journalists from JNU

Below are extracts from statements issued by a few groups from all over the world on the events that happened in Jawaharlal Nehru University, New Delhi, since 10 February.

(i) Journalists from JNU

The Threat to Mass Politics

November 10, 1984 As Bonapartism is based on technocratic tinkering with social problems as distinguished from real social engineering tackling the roots, it ensures its own failure in the long-run when it is overwhelmed by the deepening con- tradictions at the base.

Family, Factory and Philanthropy

Family, Factory and Philanthropy Bharat Bhushan THE institution of the family has for a long time been considered a private domain at the boundaries of which most political criticisms have tended to stop. But this privacy is nothing but a myth. The history of capitalist societies, perhaps more so than that of preceding ones, is replete with examples of conscious and organised attempts by the state and groups of individuals to monitor and modify the activities of families.

BRITAIN-Lord Scarman Reports

January 2-9, 1982 BRITAIN Lord Scarman Reports nature of his recommendations was pre-determined and there was no need for the court-room rituals or his visits to Brixton and getting photographed with a little black boy on his knee. Yet, perhaps al] this was necessary for this quasi-judicial inquiry, for how else could the illusion of a justified third-party mediation between people and their problems be created and sustained?

BRITAIN-Marching against Nuclear Weapons

November 28, 1981 THE 2,50,000 .strong Campaign for Nuclear Disarmament (CND) inarch from the banks of the Thames to Hyde Park on October 24 was one of the most remarkable events to be held In London in recent times. Seldom have so many people marched in the streets of London for peace. The rally at Hyde Park was addressed by, among others, Michael Foot, Tony Benn, E P Thompson and Lord Fanner Brockway.

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