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A Misplaced Trial: Delhi Municipal Elections 2017

Aam Aadmi Party’s shift from the politics of spectacle into tangible politics did not bring quick rewards in the Delhi municipal elections, but AAP may hold promise yet. Local civic issues, including the track record of the Bharatiya Janata Party that was in office for two terms, took a backseat in these polls, obscured by the scale and intensity of BJP’s campaign around the popularity and policies of Modi, which simultaneously denigrated and delegitimised AAP. Even as AAP failed to match the BJP’s “Modi-momentum,” many among the poor appreciate AAP’s implementation of measures that affect their quality of life.

'New Landlords'

Providing evidence that more than 90% of those whom R Vijay construes as "new landlords" are really owners of marginal and smallholdings of land, this article argues that it is important to distinguish classes on the basis of surplus and insufficient means of subsistence to understand the displacement of cultivators to the non-farm sector. It further argues that a rise in non-cultivating landed households and declining tenancy is not a paradox, but consistent with the trends in agriculture that eliminate marginal cultivators.

Rise of 'New Landlords'

Disagreeing with R Vijay's "Structural Retrogression and Rise of 'New Landlords' in Indian Agriculture: An Empirical Exercise" (EPW, 4 February 2012), the authors argue that the explanation for declining tenancy may not hold and that the hypothesis on the emergence of "new landlords" and the importance of tenancy can be explained by the changing terms of tenancy in the country.

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