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Panchayati Raj, 73rd Constitutional Amendment and Women

Amendment and Women Bidyut Mohanty If reservations for women in panchayati raj institutions are to lead to their empowerment in real terms, social, economic and political conditions which facilitate and encourage their participation need to he created.

Orissa Famine of 1866-Demographic and Economic Consequences

Demographic and Economic Consequences Bidyut Mohanty The discussion of the demographic, social and economic consequences of the famine of 1866, one of the most decisive events in the economic history of Orissa, attempted in this paper is intended to throw light on the differential impact of the famine on various classes and caste groups and on men, women and children. This discussion is of some relevance to the contemporary discourse on famines which asks questions relating to structural deprivation of social groups and their entitlement profile.

Drinking Water For Growing Cities-Third World Perspective

Bohra dai's local representative sought to bring the key of the Bohra jamatkhana under his control, a section of the Bohras contended that the jamatkhana belonged to the panch Bohras. The then ruler of the Udaipur principality ordered a vote to be taken and the majority of Bohras voted in favour of the panch Bohras retaining control This instance was also cited by the reformists in the present case.

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