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Social Impacts of Large Dams

The complexities of the imbalances between the 'losers' and the 'winners' in the distribution of the benefits of large dams are the main issues in formulating the parameters of equity principles. Gender is one layer in this complexity, and is one of the most basic aspects of a realistic impacts assessment. Gender is fundamental to equity and distribution. Due to the far-reaching transformations initiated by large dams, it is essential to ensure that the negative impacts do not outweight the positive ones. Therefore, an integration of gender is indispensable in any process that seeks to formulate equity principles.

NARMADA PROJECT-Pro-Dam Groups Obstruct Officials

The recent incident of pro-dam groups trying to obstruct the movements of the commissioner of scheduled castes and tribes is yet another indication of the scant respect these forces have for democratic norms.

Dissent and Democratic Practice-Attack on NBA Office

of the various sections of the people against the current economic policies, the task again is to evolve concrete slogans and develop models at local levels that may be emulated by the trade union movement. Going by the proceedings of the CITU and AITUC conferences, it becomes apparent that this aspect scarcely received any attention. It is one thing to mobilise the various sections of the people under left influence for a day's demonstration at the state or national capital but quite another to forge a worker-peasant- youth alliance on a stable basis.

Repression in Narmada Valley

Bina Srinivasan The current phase of repression let hose on the movement opposing the Narmada project is perhaps the worst ever. This is ironical because it is only recently that the state has yielded to pressure from the people to initiate certain democratic processes including setting up the review committee.

Dam Workers on Strike

Dam Workers on Strike Bina Srinivasan Rohit Prajapati Wilfred D'Costa The agitation of the Narmada dam workers for fair pay and working conditions has been termed, anti-national by the Gujarat government on the grounds that it is in support of the anti-dam movement.

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