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Are Trade Unions Relevant in the Indian Banking Sector?

There are multiple views on the kind of impact trade unions have on organisations and their employees. The existing literature, however, is not critical or well researched. This study examines the effect of trade unions on job security, training and development, discrimination as well as the long-term performance of organisations. It uses multiple units of analysis to absorb select organisational contexts based on broad themes and voices of employee collectives and employees. It shows how unions can play a positive role by ensuring improved corporate governance and service conditions, though these organisations have a tendency towards internal fragmentation, discrimination and a high degree of political intervention.

Should Real Wages of Workers Go Up in Indian Manufacturing?

This paper argues why it is important for real wages of workers in Indian manufacturing to go up. During 1998/99-2010/11, the growth in nominal wages appears to have been crowded out by a consistent increase in the consumer price index for industrial workers, rendering a scenario of temporally stagnant real wages in the manufacturing sector. There appears to be a discernible disparity between wage rates of directly employed and temporary workers. Moreover, trend growth rates of wages of supervisory and managerial staff, notwithstanding variation across industries, are significantly higher than that of workers, indicating that the stagnation of the real wage is presumably a stylised fact for workers but not for managerial and supervisory staff. The institution of minimum wage in India seems to be lackadaisical in enforcing a floor wage that compensates for a rise in prices, and providing a premium for the skill. The elasticity of real wages to average productivity of workers appears to be of a perceptibly lower magnitude.

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