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Social Connectedness and Fragility of Social Capital

Social capital is in a way fundamentally about 'connectedness' or engagements - especially those that contribute in building trust among people, increase the predictability of their behaviour and promote collective action. The author seeks to explore the associations and interactions that give rise to such engagements - by locating his search in a small village in Orissa's Puri district. Here collective memory and its role in conflict resolution in the village is crucial in creating or destroying trust. Memory, among other things, holds the key for the continuation of social connectedness or engagements.

Assembly Elections, 2000 : Politics in Post-Cyclone Orissa

In the absence of major caste/class cleavages, disaffection in Orissa is directed against the state and its agencies. Defeat of the Congress in the assembly election was penalty for its awful handling of the cyclone.

Orissa - Elections and Everyday Politics

From a national perspective the victory of the BJP-BJD combine in the parliamentary elections is yet another victory of the National Democratic Alliance. At the state level, the decline of the Congress and the spectacular rise of the BJP point to the emergence of a distinct regional political arena in the state which has much to do with the nature of the elite and the emerging middle class in the state.

ORISSA-Tribal-Dalit Conflict-Electoral Politics in Phulbani

Tribal-Dalit Conflict Electoral Politics in Phulbani Bishnu N Mohapatra Dwaipayan Bhattacharyya Political choices in the Phulbani villages, in the preceding decades, were shaped primarily by factors internal to the village. These factors are no longer as active. People now have stakes in the constituency-level politics as the village is frequently getting entangled with the developmental and ethnicity-politics in the surrounding region.

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