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Geography of Capitalism

Globalization Lived Locally: A Labour Geography Perspective by Neethi P, New Delhi: Oxford University Press, 2016; pp xvii+231, ₹795.

Labour under Stress: Findings from a Survey

Restructuring, cost-cutting and other associated trends in Indian industry in recent years have had a major impact on workers in organised industry in India. This article presents the results from a primary survey conducted during 2004-06 in pockets of Delhi, Gujarat, Haryana, Maharashtra and West Bengal.

Disinterring the Report of National Commission on Labour

This paper disinters the report of the National Commission on Labour to reveal the ideological basis of the changes sought in the labour laws. Changes suggested in the labour laws flow from an understanding of labour that is derived from the perspective of capital. The policy goal of the NCL recommendations is to position labour in a manner that will ensure the expansion of competitive capitalism in India. The article deploys the class-focused Marxist approach to reveal how the NCL attempted to change the meanings of labour, the working day, work culture and indeed that of the labour rights as a whole.

Currency Devaluation and Exports

Devaluation-led export growth takes place by reducing black-market premium. The initial optimism regarding the growth in exports during the early years of liberalisation gradually waned after some period of devaluation. Export growth, reported in Indian official trade statistics, came down to actual export growth, reflected in partner country's trade statistics. An explanation like this is derived for India's recent nose-diving export growth. The study is undertaken for the period 1951-94, using US imports statistics. It has been shown that the impact of devaluation in 1966 and 1991 was actually felt on officially reported exports to US and not much on US imports from India.

Debt Sustainability and Net Outward Financial Transfers-Deterrent to Growth in a Debtor Economy

Financial Transfers Deterrent to Growth in a Debtor Economy Byasdeb Dasgupta This note offers an analytical basis for the transfer problem which besieged the debtor developing world following the outbreak of the debt crisis in the early 1980s. Section I of the note explains the importance of the concept of the transfer in the context of the debt problem of the indebted nations of the south. Section II spells out the debt dynamics through which net transfers of financial resources from an indebted country take place. Section III analyses the role of exchange rate devaluation in effecting net transfers of financial resources from debtor developing countries.

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