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Budget without a Focus

Budget without a Focus C Rangarajan For the first time in independent India, a Budget was being presented at the Centre by a non-Con- gress government. Both the Janata election manifesto and the utterances of some of the prominent leaders of the party had raised expectations that the Budget would look different from its predecessors. However, it has come to pass that the present Budget breaks no new ground and conforms to the pattern set by the previous budgets.

Corporate Investment in 1977 A Forecast

Corporate Investment in 1977: A Forecast C Rangarajan There has been a substantial pick-up in private corporate investment in 1976 as compared to 1975* Corporate investment in 1977 would be higher than in 1976. It is likely to reach in nominal terms the level attained in 1974, which is the best year so far. However, in real terms the 1974 peak will not be reached.

Population Policy and Redistribution of Income

C Rangarajan j K Satia Given the present level and pattern of distribution of income and the occupational structure of the economy, there may not be sufficient economic motivation for families below a certain consumption level to limit their size to the extent necessary for bringing about the desired reduction in the overall fertility levels. A congruence of economic motivation at the national level and at the family level is, therefore, necessary.

Corporate Investment In 1976 A Forecast

Investment in the corporate sector showed a substantial decline daring 1975. However, the pro- spects for 1976 appear to be better even though corporate investment in 1976 may not exceed the level attained in 1974.

Capital Expenditures in Corporate Sector- Forecast for 1974

An attempt is made in this paper to forecast investment in the private corporate sector for 1974, by using the data available with the three leading term-lending institutions. Most relevant, in this context, is the time-phasing of capital expenditures on the projects sanctioned by these institutions in the current and in the previous years.

Optimal Targets for the Family Planning Programme

Benefits and costs associated with family planning programmes of underdeveloped countries in general, and of India in particular, have been a subject of intensive investigations. These studies have been primarily used as a means for the justification of family planning programmes.

Investment in Private Corporate Sector in 1972-A Forecast

A Forecast C Rangarajan An attempt is made in this article to forecast investment in the private corporate sector in 1972 on the basis of data available with the term-lending institutions.

Net Present Value versus Internal Rate of Return

of Return C Rangarajan Paul Mampilly As the net cash inflow generated during the lifetime of a project can he re-employed to earn further as and when they are realised, the exact point of time of occurrence of cash flows together with the size thereof becomes important in the process of evaluating the profitability of an investment project.

Desirable Features in a New International Monetary System

Monetary System C Rangarajan The new international monetary system that is being hammered out in Washington now must build on the lessons learnt during the 25 years of experience of the Bretton Woods arrangement.

Government Securities Market in a Mixed Economy-A Study of India

Government Securities Market in a Mixed Economy A Study of India C Rangarajan The Government securities market in India reflects the mixed character of the economy. The two features of the Indian economy that have shaped the nature of the market as it exists now are (a) the direct and dominant role of the Government in the total investment outlays of the economy, and (b) Government ownership of the major financial institutions.

Forecasting Capital Expenditure in the Corporate Sector

past year but also those sanctioned in all previous years and on which expenditures are to be incurred during the year. An exercise along these lines was attempted using the data so kindly made available by the ICICI and IFC and the results of the study are presented in this paper.

Bank Portfolio Management-A Linear Programming Approach

A Linear Programming Approach C Rangarajan J K Satia A linear programming model is presented here for determining the optimal portfolio of banks.


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