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Political and Social Stability

Stability in multi-party regimes is not merely matter of political order alone, it also has a number of social determinants. Social stability is about the condition of freedom from social disorder generally manifested in the form of inter-group conflict or violence. It is also the condition of sustainable development and well-being. In India, with the UPA government ushering in yet another era of coalition politics following the five-year rule of the NDA, the issue of stability is now being more widely debated. This article asks whether an alliance regime with diverse ideological forces and power claimants can creditably achieve the goal of overall stability. Much will depend on how best the partners in the coalition government are able to remain cohesive and look at the question of stability from a perspective that ensures social development, freedom and harmony.

Conceptualising Globalisation

There is hardly any unanimity in the theoretical formulations on globalisation. While on one hand, the excessive use of the term as a sociological concept has largely emptied it of any analytical and explanatory value, most observations are based on a dominant economic framework. This paper argues that for an empirical study of globalisation to be strong, it requires to be grounded on clear measures of globalisation, those that are based on broader areas of social implications as well as its impact on various aspects of human life.

Dynamics of Community Environmental Management in Howrah Slums

Howrah's slum communities have demonstrated a limited knack for managing their environment. But can they sustain even this modest effort? The state and the civic body must help these communities out by providing better basic amenities and more livelihood opportunities through a bottom-up process.

Future of Sociology in South Asia-Challenges and Prospects

More than issues like conceptualisation in Sociological theory or disciplinary boundaries in social sciences, it were the problems of nation and institution building, development and inequality facing the South Asian countries that generated debate and discussion in the South Asian regional conference.

Sociological Impact of Total Literacy Campaign-The Case of Midnapore

The credit for the success of Midnapore literacy programme in recording a high level of political consciousness and social awareness among the neo-literates goes to the well co-ordinated and committed efforts of the political parties, district administration and people at the grass roots.

Industrial Man in India Reconsidered

Those who have accepted the concept of the industrial man have related their argument mainly to the behavioural aspect of the Indian industrial worker. However, the concept of industrial man is not restricted to behavioural analysis alone. It is organically linked with several aspects of the whole process of industrialisation.

Industry in Society

January 17, 1981 Industry in Society Chandan Sengupta Industrial Sociology in India by N R Seth and P J Patel; Rawat Publications, Jaipur, 1979; pp 134, Rs 40.

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