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Hurricane Katrina's Impact on the US and the World

Hurricane Katrina proved to be a greater tragedy because of official neglect and general discrimination against the poor and the blacks by the US government. Bush's ratings have plummeted to an all-time low. Growing budget deficits and rising oil prices are adding to public discontent.

WTO's Doha Round

With less than six months to go before the Hong Kong ministerial meeting of the World Trade Organisation, there is no sign of movement forward on the contentious issues of trade in agriculture and market access in industrial goods. Yet, the contours of a deal can also be seen. Hong Kong will be a test for the new WTO chief, Pascal Lamy, who as the European Commission trade commissioner pushed for the launch of the Doha round in 2001.

Bush's Re-election

The state of Ohio with most of its counties affected by recession and unemployment played a vital swing role in ensuring the presidential elections went George W Bush's way. For most voters in the state, moral issues, more than the economy, played an important deciding factor. Bush's 'comprehensive' victory won by the 'right' has now pushed almost to the periphery the very real economic fears of an impending recession fuelled by a falling dollar and rising interest rates.

New PhD Guidelines in Maharashtra

Recent guidelines on the eligibility criteria for PhD registration and the process of submission of doctoral theses in the universities in Maharashtra do not address the malaise affecting research. The guidelines, drawn up by the academic bureaucracy and without consulting the teaching community, will in fact create new problems and discourage potential research scholars.

Lobbying for Extension of Textile Quota Regime

The post-quota regime in textile trade is going to be anything but peaceful. There are already indications that the big players are not going to let quotas die a natural death. Like the nuclear bunker-busters it is developing, the US is ready to use lethal trade armoury - safeguard measures, anti-dumping and countervailing duties - to keep out textile imports from China and India.

Cancun Fiasco:Belling the Cat

Even many of the fiercely strident pressure groups which smell a rat in everything connected with the World Trade Organisation realise that what happened at Cancun was not a great victory for the developing countries.

WTO: Heavy Baggage for Cancun

The two-year long, hard-fought negotiations among officials of 146 countries at the WTO's headquarters in Geneva have left all the core areas of the Doha Development Agenda, with the exception of TRIPS and Public Health, still far from agreement. So it is over to the ministerial meeting in Cancun next week, which will be judged by the final outcome in agriculture, non-agriculture market access and the four 'Singapore issues'.

Reorienting Women Studies

Even more worrying than the UGC's recent move to redesignate Women Studies Centres to include family studies are the simultaneous changes being prescribed in the scope of their activities and the structure and functioning of these centres.

India's Negotiating Strategy for Cancun

With less than three weeks left for the Cancun ministerial meeting and negotiations having entered the critical phase this week at the William Rappard Centre that houses the WTO in Geneva, it is time to take a look at how India's negotiating positions are shaping up.

West Bengal: Untenable Umbrage

West Bengal chief minister Buddhadeb Bhattacharjee had reason to complain that his state did not get the praise it deserved from the prime minister during the latter's recent visit to Kolkata for the shining example it had set in maintaining communal harmony, in contrast to the shameful happenings in Gujarat. But there was no need for him to take umbrage at the prime minister's advice to the state to do more on the economic front to regain the leading position it had once held in the country.


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