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India and the UN Security Council

During India's last stint on the United Nations Security Council in 2011-12, it was unable to pursue the originally charted strategy of demonstrating responsible diplomacy in the leagues of the great powers while also making the body a more legitimate and representative organisation. Delving into India's efforts to achieve its objectives, this paper discusses contemporary constraints on the country's ability to exercise greater influence at the UN. It also sketches what an alternative Indian policy at the UN could look like.

Soft Power in Indian Foreign Policy

This essay addresses first how the concept of soft power emerged, how it has evolved and then examines one significant effort by India to project soft power to the east. It thereafter looks at some major features of Indian foreign policy, discusses how soft power might or might not relate to them, and zeroes in on how Indians, including the Indian government, may distinguish between "public diplomacy" and soft power in their conceptions of Indian foreign policy.

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