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Financial Liberalisation and Financial Crises

Financial Liberalisation and Financial Crises Deena Khatkhate Banking Crises: Causes and Issues edited by V Sundararajan and Tomas J T Balino; International Monetary Fund, Washington DC, 1991; pp 375.

No Need for Defenders

No Need for Defenders Deena Khatkhate WASHINGTON DC is a beautiful city, it is a capital city, ever expanding, ever improving. It is a nation's capital, becoming international, housing those hated gnomes of finance capital known as the World Bank and, worse still, the IMF, which arc out

From There to Eternity

From There to Eternity Deena Khatkhate In America, all are unequal, but some, the blacks, are more unequal.
THE greatness of American society shrivelled with that cruel verdict of the biased white jury in Los Angeles. Here was a simple incident of police brutality

Man s Truest Monument

Man's Truest Monument...
Deena Khatkhate D T Lakdawala did not favour dirigiste economic policies; he was relentless in his criticism of Indian economic policies of the 1970s and 1980s. But he did not swing to the other extreme of advocating a free market economy. He was one of the few intellectuals who refused to be swayed by new fashions, while not being immune from change if it was warranted by the facts before him.

Flying on the Wings of Time

Flying on the Wings of Time Deena Khatkhate When the intellectual breed in France

Union Budget Unrevealed Preferences

It is the less conspicuous features of the budget which portend major changes in the Indian economy. These have to do with the way the fiscat target is sought to be achieved, with the transfer of resources to the states and with the partial convertibility of the rupee.

Heartbeats of America

On the contrary, even the most hidebound bureaucrats are quickly picking up the new jargon while doing what they have always been best at

Running with the Hare and Hunting with the Hounds-Report on the Financial System

Most of what the Committee on the Financial System 'believed', 'observed,' 'felt' and 'thought' has been well known for the last many years. Was it then necessary for the government to appoint a committee of experts to labour these recommendations?

A Cage Seeking a Bird

mind if that too has to be on state government money.
Jyoti Basu has been around long enough 10 comprehend the realities creeping on him. These realities shape his decisions, and, it is important to add, his non-decisions. The catastrophe in east Europe and the Soviet Union makes his position somewhat more difficult. But it also vindicates him. It is not his fault if the circumstances conspire to invest him and his party with immortality, never mind the fate of the popular democratic revolution. And what business have those who have sold the country to foreigners, lock, stock and barrel, and without anyone's leave, to cast stones at the improvisations of West Bengals Left Front?

Trade Policies and Business Opportunities in Southern Asia

Trade Policies and Business Opportunities in Southern Asia Deena Khatkhate Business opportunities tend to multiply in economies which ore open in the sense not only of liberal trade and exchange rate policies but also liberal internal economic policies under which saving and investment decisions are unhampered by government regulations; freedom to undertake any economic activity in response to profit potentiality is unrestricted, of course, within the usual parameters of the countries' social and political goals, and the innovative spirit and entrepreneurial leadership are given a free play. However, it has to be recognised that internal liberalisation can hardly progress unless it is accompanied simultaneously by the external liberalisation. In fact, one cannot function without the other It is the adoption of these outward-oriented trade policies by the NICs and other east Asian and Pacific region countries like Indonesia, Thailand and Malaysia which has contributed to their faster growth, which in turn opened up wider markets for foreign investment. Thus, the internal growth opportunities reinforced trade opportunities in other countries and this reinforcing relationship eventually triggered the interest of modern industrial enterprises to set up new firms in east Asian countries.

A Season of Mothers

in banking and finance, which has a long history, notably in the US, has seen a considerable revival in a number of countries, such as Canada, France, Germany and the United Kingdom. The recent scandal in the Tokyo securities market, which forced the resignation of the chiefs of the two largest securities houses in Japan, brings out the fact that despite the very rapid development of the securities market, transactions are still done on a discretionary basis in an atmosphere and under conditions bordering on impropriety.

Metastasis of Parenthood

Metastasis of Parenthood Deena Khatkhate Children in America suffer not from malnutrition or hunger as in much of the world; they are tyrannised by the decay of moral values, the ruination of families and the dehumanisation of society THE elementary question of why parents desire children becomes elemental here in American society. Parents have their broken marriages, fathers their sexual perversities, administrators of educational institutions give vent to their sexual fantasies and custodians of day-care centres sexually abuse and physically torture their wards. A man fights not for his own present so much as for the future of his children; he seeks riches for their welfare. But see what is happening in America- children are shamelessly used for sexual molestation, not by lumpen child-lifters, but by the parents who brought them into this world.


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