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Whose Life Is It Anyway

Whose Life Is It Anyway?
For strange reasons, in this affluent society there is more to death than to life. If the old live to die, if the forsaken .and the forlorn feel that life is a burden, it is understandable. But in this society, the loveliest, the youngest and the best have smiled, said 'good night' and gone to rest.

Monetary Policy in India

A Command Approach Deena Khatkhate Indian monetary authorities have designed an array of policy instruments to regulate credit flows in the planned directions. This has led to a monolithic decision-making process in regard to monetary policy formulation and its implementation and primacy for direct rather than indirect methods of control in monetary management.

If Lips Would Keep from Slips

Tempers are on short leash, feuds break out. Once suspicion spreads that the powers that be are playing a partisan role in ongoing feuds, or are actively conniving with the maldistribution of spoils, there is a sudden eruption of violence. The authorities, already overwhelmed by the scourges of inflation, unemployment and foreign debt, now face a situation of near- insurgency. Small-scale uprisings graduate into big-sized rebellions. Variations on the theme, such as guerrilla-type skirmishes, are not absent from the picture either. The government's resources were already under severe strain; the fiscal crisis now takes a turn for the worse. If it were merely a show of defiance in one particular part of the country, it could perhaps be taken care of without causing too much exhaustion to the system. Once the number of uprisings is on the rise and the armed forces have to be out on 'pacification' assignments in twenty or thirty different locations all at the same time, it becomes a qualitatively different situation. There has to be a new regimen for deployment of public funds, calling for further cuts in developmental and social services outlay. Cut-backs are the order of the day. These cut-backs will be discriminatory in nature, or it will be alleged that they are discriminatory, and will add a frightening footnote to inflation and unemployment.

Epiphany at Last

Epiphany at Last Deena Khatkhate Supply-Side Tax Policy: Its Relevance to Developing Countries by Ved P Gandhi et al; International Monetary Fund, Washington DC, 1987;

Consciousness Precedes Being

Consciousness Precedes Being Deena Khatkhate In eastern Europe many 'nouveau statesmen' have sprung up without any clear perception of what is in store for them. Predatory communism which destroyed individual freedom is dead and gone, but east Europe's new leaders are unsure of the shape and substance of things to come.

Trashing the Trumps

Trashing the Trumps Deena Khatkhate Casino king Donald Trump, junk-bond wizard Drexel, Burnham, Lambert, Inc and a lying ex-president are symbolic of what has happened to the country of Abraham Lincoln and Thomas Jefferson.

When Karl Marx Meets Indian Communists

to do then is to manufacture or plant some stray bits of evidence of malfeasance or contemplated malfeasance on his or her part against American interests, and to produce this evidence, or apologia of evidence, before a superior authority, so as to receive Clearance from it that such a person deserves to be exterminated. It will be instant justice rendered in a jiffy, and no nonsense of any cissy reservations over the righteousness of such justice being doled out in a foreign country where; technically, American law has no jurisdiction. American machos will not entertain any doubts on this account: American law has global jurisdiction, the laws of other countries are to be declared ultra vires the moment they come into even mild conflict with the whims and prejudices of American counter-intelligence agencies. The prospects this doctrine opens up are indeed mind-boggling. Suppose an American agent, or an informer for an American agents bitten by the love bug, wants to snatch someone's wife or husband; the other party in the marital arrangement may not be overly enthusiastic of the idea; it is no matter, documents may be swiftly manufactured to prove that he or she is engaged in a conspiracy to harm American citizens or American property and therefore richly deserves to be removed from the face of earth; what he or she deserves he or she will assuredly receive, thus smoothening the path of wife/husband-stealing: nothing, after all, is unfair in love or war. What however is more worrying is the total lack of reaction against the outrageous manner the Americans are going about. Radicalism has been stunned into inaction by Comrade Gorbachev's perestroika. The notification issued by the US Information Service has been allowed to pass; no huge demonstrations of protest have been organised by leftist student or youth groups anywhere in the country. It is as if American intelligence agencies have the inherent right to proceed in whichever manner they like, and they do not have to seek clearance from the local authorities. The cock of the road, in other words, has finally arrived, thus immensely pleasing the ghost of John Foster Dulles.

Indian Royalty An Equal Exchange

Indian Royalty: An Equal Exchange Deena Khatkhate A country like India throwing up leaders and institutions does not fit the westerner's model of rational expectations. Hence the eternal search to locate meaningless symbols to explain happenings in India.

For Ever Embers

party have made the concessions or the intellectuals have decided to go along. It is not very difficult to see which of the two possibilities is real. That's why wherever I went, rather simple statements such as that Stalinist socialism is on the retreat made by me were very strongly countered. In reply, all scholars dropped the adjective 'Stalinist' and went on to assert that socialism was not in retreat, certainly not in China.

Ostriches of Our Time

Ostriches of Our Time Deena Khatkhate The communists in America have always been a curiosity. Today they brand Gorbachev a counter-revolutionary and lament the fading fortunes of world communism. They could be twins of our Namboodiripads and Ranadives in thought and action.

Parting with Heroes

who constitute it; the time, they have decided, has come when the lumpens need to be mobilised against the Front, it is the last ditch battle. Should this young woman, properly groomed, given a proper build-up through, saturation publicity, succeed in mobilising the lumpens of Calcutta and its semi-urban fringe, there could be nothing like it. In the course of the past five years, she has assumed the role of a godsister, invested with the virtues of both omnipotence and omniscience. Her mock-heroics has attracted much admttation in the topmost echelons of the Congress(I) too; she, it is being openly speculated, would be called upon by the party to play greater roles in future.

Indias Prince Charming

unitedly that Bofors did not cause the same ripple everywhere and. the party could emerge as the largest single entity in the Lok Sabha. From its narrow point of view, therefore, a great deal could be said in favour of a loose administrative arrangement for the country which will permit individual states to enjoy some extra elbow-room. Elections are a great educational process; the party's functionaries must have begun to perceive the wisdom of those who advocate a greater devolution of resources, power and responsibilities all the way down. The party, after all, will be, presumably for some time, in power not at the centre, but in the states. It will perhaps learn to discover some virtues even in the Anandpur Sahib resolution.


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