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Waiting for Godot

have to get out of the bind of democratic centralism and central planning as essential tenets of Marxist-Leninist theory. The fact that we are a pluralistic society should encourage decentralisation of the economic polity.

Barkis Is Willin

Will the Soviet Union continue to play its role as the critic of the international economic and monetary systems now that Gorbachev has made public his governments desire to seek entry into the IMF, the World Bank and the GATT?

The Last Laugh in Afghanistan

the first place, be imperative to retain the loyally of the servitors. Given the son's rather indifferent record of electoral performance over the five years of his reign, should he in addition be at the receiving end of a huge drubbing in the national polls due in the winter, the erstwhile retainers might arrive at their own conclusion, namely, the triumph in December 1984 was exclusively on account of the burning embers of the mother's funeral pyre; since funeral pyres are not for ever, there was little point in not shifting their loyalty.

Craving for the Philosophers Stone

preventive detention as being "in its essence as much a penal measure as any arres by the police or an order of the magistrate on suspicion of the commission of crime".

Law s Aim Is Crime

irrelevant whether Ranasinghe Premadasa is a skunk or a scoundrel, whether his government is tottering, whether he has pitched his demand in the manner he has because the Janata Vimukthi Peramuna has caught him by the throat. It is equally irrelevant whether, following the departure of Indian troops, a dark night of anarchy descends on Sri Lanka. It is a free people's inalienable right to choose anarchy if they so decide. One who believes in exporting order, and enforcing such order through the intermediation of foreign troops, is no socialist. The resolutions he composes cannot cloak the nakedness of the fact that his or her claim to belong to the Left is sheer flippancy, or worse.

History Unmade

corrective to faulty planning. Otherwise, one would move on to a system akin to market fascism.
It is interesting in this connection to note that the capitalist system does not have to depend on democracy. The most successful capitalistic producers in the world

A Waltz to War through Peace

A Waltz to War through Peace Deena Khatkhate Why is West Germany deviating from the common policy of the Western alliance? Has it suddenly discovered new virtues in Russian friendship? Is it worried that it would he the first country to be engulfed in a nuclear holocaust should war break out? There are more complex reasons for Germany's behaviour.

Financial Liberalisation Issues and Evidence

Financial Liberalisation: Issues and Evidence Yoon Je Cho Deena Khatkhate The authors' examination of the experience of financial liberalisation in five Asian countries leads to the broad conclusion that although financial liberalisation is desirable, its modality, design and phasing are no less important. In shallow financial markets, full liberalisation does not appear to be the first best policy. Until the non-bank capital market develops and functions effectively and substantial progress is made in regard to structural adjustments in trade, industry and the legal system underlying the financial system as a whole, a second best policy may be to have a diminishing degree of government intervention in the financial markets spread over a period of time, deriving guidance from market-related indicators.

Million Acres of Darkness

Million Acres of Darkness Deena Khatkhate You may succeed in sending to the gallows those who commit murders in a frenzy, you may deny furlough to others incarcerated for lesser crimes, but that will not banish crime or drugs. Police action is no substitute for social engineering.

There Arose on a Land a New Pharaoh and He Knew Not Joseph

There Arose on a Land a New Pharaoh and He Knew Not Joseph Deena Khatkhate Just when Israel is about to be recognised by its most implacable enemies, the whole concept of a Jewish state as a haven for the world's diaspora is being challenged, not by the dispossessed Palestinians, not by the Germans, but ironically by the nationals and rulers of Israel.

Who Is Not Afraid of Economics and Economists

Deena Khatkhate Adjustment with a Human Face: A Study by UINICEF, Vol I, edited by Giovanni Cornia, Richard Jolly and Frances Stewart; Clarendon Press,


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