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Old Grain Breaks through New Husk

Old Grain Breaks through New Husk Deena Khatkhate It is not just what Gorbachev has been saying; the whole communist world is in ferment. Communists in different places are singing different tunes. And yet there is a pattern in their differences. The great divide, it appears, is between communists in power in the communist countries and communists in non-communist countries.

Children of the God That Failed

Children of the God That Failed Deena Khatkhate To expose America's expanding tribe of the homeless, the Soviets, a couple of years ago, filmed a television documentary about a destitute sleeping on the pavements of New York city. Now the joke is being played back. The American press, momentarily deprived of new scandals at home, is replete with stories about the homeless and the unemployed of the communist world.

MANILA-The More It Changes...

The More It Changes...
Deena Khatkhate It is slowly sinking into the psyche of the Philippine people that geographic independence is not a correlate of freedom from want and a decent livelihood with honour and dignity.

Non-Solvent Foreign Policy of an Insolvent Nation

the winner takes all, the loser is, every now and then, remembered, but he has to depend on exogenous forces if he wants to re-establish his fief, even those who were earlier completely bowled over by his charms would not ordinarily bother to come forward to assist him.

Romance with Two Words

Romance with Two Words Deena Khatkhate WHEN words become non-words, the world degenerates into a bedlam. George Orwell, the master of English prose, discovered the joy of words, their sound and association, and used that facility with words to "face the unpleasant''. Politicians in all climes and places may not have Orwell's command of words but they are skilled enough to twist words out of shape and substance when faced with unpleasant facts. Look at what has happened to that unhappy word, 'liberal' in today's America. It has become an abuse, a dirty word, as if it stood for some child molester or criminal or traitor. A grammarian will tell you that a 'liberal' is an adjective describing representational form of government rather than an aristocracy or monarchy assuring maximum individual freedom possible in civil society with respect to matters of personal beliefs and expression. Adam Smith; Hobbes, Hume, J S Mill and all those hedonistic philosophers would turn in their graves if they knew that that king of malapropism, mauler of grammar and mangier of sentences, George Bush, who has just won the race for the presidency of the United States of America, uses liberal as a synonym for one who resorts to government action to help the individual to satisfy his needs.

Mickey Mouses Both

Mickey Mouses Both Deena Khatkhate Judging by the standards set by Bush and Dukakis in the presidential election campaign the election will provide the US with a president all right but not a leader to lead the nation.

OBITUARY-An Economist Whose Present Was in the Past

It is a tragedy that the basic contributions of B P Adarkar, who passed away earlier this year, on monetary theory and policy federal finance

This Picture and That

This Picture and That Deena Khatkhate Research institutes in the US and in India present a telling picture of contrast in respect of the quality of their work, their objectivity and their relationship with the powers-that-be in their respective countries.

Tale of Two Cities

the male factors for such offences no matter how highly placed they may be. The bar associations and civil liberties bodies, especially the PUCL and PUDR, must seize the opportunity provided by the amending bill not only to attack the proposed section 25 but to demand the establishment of the office of a director; general of prosecution at the centre independent of executive control with directors-general at the state level.

Bearable Lightness of Being

Bearable Lightness of Being AMERICA is a melting pot of cultures, races and histories. There is no one distinct trait which American society can call its own, except the drawling accent of the Southerner, the swagger of the billionaire, the hoop-la of the political conventions, the hyperbole of the football game, the vulgarity of Hollywood's glittering world and the picturesqueness of American English. The world's nomads stream into this rich man's land with hope and the heavy baggage of their beliefs, traditions and the preachers' mind-set. Hope is for a new life of material comfort and relief from the meanness of human existence But the baggage they carry in the early years is heavy and overpowering. They come only for a better life and not for enrichment of their minds except as a byproduct of other pursuits. Their own ancient cultures have left them a cut above others who mill around them in their adopted land. Wearing the garb of preachers, the migrants, particularly from the Indian subcontinent, can purvey unsolicited advice to their fellow- travellers not to allow themselves to be contaminated by the culture of the west, seduced by the libertarian values, and to adhere to the straight and narrow path of the virtues imbibed by them in the country they had left behind. Once they accomplish what they have arrived for

POTOMAC MUSINGS- Victory that Forebodes Defeat

Taking advantage of government's lapses of the Dashrath Rangashala stampede some three months hack in which 71 people were found dead and over a hundred injured, former prime minister Surya Bahadur Thapa has been spearheading a revolt against present Nepalese prime minister Marichman Singh Shrestha. Thapa has once again raised his old slogans against the 'underground mafia' which he says influences policy making in the kingdom. He has lately been trying to prove himself a spokesman of the democrats but the Nepali Congress leaders recall how he had sabotaged the same Congress' participation in the last general elections for rashtriya pan- chayat. Political observers in Kathmandu believe that in the present context the opposition within the system is meaningless and is unashamedly power-oriented. It has no better programme than the present governments and it is the unpanchayat-like functioning of the so-called liberals from the rank-and-file of the partyless panchayat system which has caused rethinking among the hardliners.

Oneirolysis of Development

Oneirolysis of Development?
Deena Khatkhate Economic Development : Theory, Policy and International Relations by Ian M D Little; A Twentieth Century Fund Book, Basic Books, New York, 1982; pp xi + 452, price not mentioned.


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