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She Recovered Many Histories

Aparna Basu had all the credentials of a high-flying scholar—a PhD from the University of Cambridge, a job as professor of history at the University of Delhi, membership of the editorial board of several academic journals like the Indian Journal of Gender Studies and Indian Econo

A Revolutionary Woman

A Passionate Life: Writings by and on Kamaladevi Chattopadhyay edited by Ellen Carol Dubois and Vinay Lal, Zubaan Publishers, 2017; pp xvi + 483, 995.

Looking Back at the South Commission

A member of the erstwhile South Commission (1987-90) describes its genesis and journey while critically examining, in retrospect, not only its composition and its political economy framework but also the very notion of the South as a political economy configuration. It is contended that the concept of South does not exist today in the sense as it did in the decades of the 1980s and 1990s.


A freedom movement for women has been sparked off. Citizens across the country are demanding an end to the generations of violence and suppression faced by hundreds of millions of Indian women and girls – from rape and domestic abuse, to lower pay and no right to property.

Translating Symbolism into Action: AAP's jhadus

The Aam Aadmi Party should engage with the problems of the manual scavengers and waste pickers earnestly to translate their symbolism - using the jhadu as their election symbol, into action. 

A Republic of Voices

The skimpy or almost non-existent coverage by the media of the four landmark legislations empowering the underprivileged once again highlights its pre-occupation with issues central to the elite.

K S Krishnaswamy

The “culture” of a Mysorean has been captured in the writings of R K Narayan. However, for those who migrated to Delhi from Mysore, it was a subject we often went back to noting our uniqueness with a sense of contentment if not quiet pride.

Three Cheers for India's Electorate

The verdict in Tamil Nadu is a brilliant expression of the quality of Indian democracy. Votes could not be bought. In West Bengal too while bribing was not part of the scene, issues and the passion of a woman moved the electorate to vote her to office.

Yojana Bhavan and 'Public Reasoning'

The Planning Commission has recently sought the engagement of civil society in drafting the Twelfth Plan, asking them to identify the challenges and areas that require special focus, so that the Plan document is more holistic in nature and could help in yielding the desired results.

Letting Go: Remembering K N Raj

KIf one were to describe K N Raj’s life, it would be called “letting go” – letting go of the ideology with which he started, letting go of spaces of power, such as Delhi, and disappearing into Kerala, letting go of the institutions he built, letting go of friends whose lives have not been to his

To Be or Not to Be

This paper discusses some of the problems women face in gendering public policy. The paper elaborates on how women's collective identity can be forceful politically when backed by knowledge and gives examples of this from Karnataka. New developments in decentralisation of governance have opened possibilities for women's agency at the local level. Paradoxically, developments at the global level have the possibility of undermining this process. The author argues that we can only therefore confront this not by integrating into the existing development paradigm and attempting small changes at the local level but by evolving a different development paradigm that will ensure justice for the majority of the poor and women.


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