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Is India’s Agricultural Export Policy Ambiguous?

The agricultural export policy was announced in 2018 to transform the ecosystem of India’s agricultural exports. However, the country’s agricultural exports have faced several policy-induced restrictions. This article explores the ambiguities in the policy by citing empirical data on trade policy instruments used for export restrictions.

‘Minimum Export Price’ Caps on Agricultural Exports

The policymakers in India have constantly endeavoured to promote agricultural exports; however, certain agricultural products have been subject to extensive use of export restrictions as well. In this context, the article attempts to appraise the various trade policy instruments with special reference to “minimum export price” and examine how it has become a redundant trade policy tool. The case of onions is used to elucidate the exorbitant misuse of MEP by unscrupulous business fi rms and suggests a road map for policy reforms. Agriculture has been an integral part of the Indian economy for centuries. Despite the rapid growth of other sectors, it continues to be the primary source of livelihood for a majority of the country’s population (Mathur et al 2006). India is the world’s second largest producer and 10th largest exporter of agricultural products. With available production surplus in key agricultural products, the Government of

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