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India s Kashmir War

It is the Indian government which has provided a handful of secessionist militants in Kashmir with a mass base. Jagmohan's return to Jammu as governor signalled the unleashing of state repression on a massive scale The government's tendency to treat mass demonstrations as the handiwork of Pakistani agents and use indiscriminate force against the people has alienated the Kashmiri public from India and pushed them into the arms of militants. 7b make matters worse Jagmohan's identification with the BJP in the popular perception and his pronounced anti-Muslim measures are widening the gulf between Hindus and Muslims in the state.

Tantrums for Technology Transfer

Dinesh Mohan Technology is now being projected as an end in itself. It is even being asserted that technological change on its own can determine social progress.

Transportation for the People of Bharat

Transportation for the People of Bharat Dinesh Mohan We have exciting opportunities before us and our new plans should attempt to be a little more daring in their approach to transportation in the year 2000 AD.

Promotion of Modern Technology-A New Tool for Neo-Colonialism

A New Tool for Neo-Colonialism about her safety was writ large on her parent's face, and even the DSP, Yadav, the chief investigating officer, admitted that this crucial eyewitness was in some danger. Though Jaganag has now been finally put behind bars, perhaps because of the not inconsiderable influence that AKRSP wields with the powers that be, the grapevine has it that he will not remain there for long, especially given that this is also the election year.

Tampering with Science

Dinesh Mohan The International Science Policy Foundation claims to draw its inspiration from J D Bernal.' However, at the ISPF's recent three-day symposium on Scientific Temper and National Development the main beliefs of Bernal were bowdlerised

Punjab Communalised beyond Politics

Punjab: Communalised beyond Politics It is now becoming apparent to many Hindus in Punjab that the Sikhs in general have no common cause with the terrorists. The Sikhs too have made it apparent, through their response to Operation Black Thunder, that the extremists do not speak for them. If New Delhi is seriously interested in bringing to an end the sufferings of the people of Punjab then the present popular mood in the state offers it yet another opportunity.

Food vs Limbs-Pesticides and Physical Disability in India

Pesticides and Physical Disability in India Dinesh Mohan Policies in India regarding pesticide import, manufacture and use have shown a callous disregard for the health of the people. The article is a report of a study investigating the relationship between pesticides and physical disabilities in India.

National Policy on Education-A Non-negotiable Promissory Note

on the night of May 26, 1985. They were picked up from their advocate's house in the town, and taken 54 kms in a jeep to the village of Narsapur and killed there. The magisterial enquiry indicted the police sharply. The police reacted by getting the District Collector (who is also the District Magistrate) transferred within one week. They achieved this by filing a slanderous intelligence report against him. Hut what is noteworthy is that the government felt con strained to accept their report and transfer him.

Scientific Colonialism

Scientific Colonialism Dinesh Mohan Aborted Discovery by Susantha Goonatilake; Zed Books, London, 1984;
IN "Aborted Discovery" (AD) Susantha Goonatilake exhorts us "that we in the Third World should now re-enter into our discourse with nature, a discourse sometimes punctuated with silences but also with knowing smiles and laughter" (p 168). He is certain that we have a unique role to play because "the present critics of the Third World Science have a potential bigger audience than those of 19th century and early 20th century nationalist philosophers such as Aurobindo, Tagore or Coomara- swamy" SG is convinced that we must break out of the paradigm imposed on us by the "centre" because "the consciousness now transmitted comes not merely as a formal knowledge package, but as a totality- embracing advertisements, movies, popular books, exchange of scholars, patents, etc" (P 98).

New Education Policy-Promises, Promises, Promises

Promises, Promises, Promises Dinesh Mohan The document "Challenge of Education: A Policy Perspective", tabled by the Union Education Minister in the Lok Sabha last month, is not meant to be a final statement of policy. It is expected to provide the basis for a nation-wide debate which, the government hopes, would facilitate the formulation of new education policy.

Why Do Zionists Like War

Why Do Zionists Like War?
Dinesh Mohan Peggy Mohan WITHIN the past four weeks the Israeli government has invaded Lebanon and killed without compassion tens of thousands of civilian men, women and children: a staggering loss to the world even in an age of Pinochet, Henry Kissinger and Idi Amin.

A Very Special Group of People-A Comment

causal relationship between these two variables. According to the author, equation 5.2 is the best both on grounds of theory and statistical inference. We, however, feel that it is not possible to interpret the positive constant term in this equation. For, one expects the constant term to be negative in this type of formulation which indicates that, unless the production is above a threshold level, marketed surplus cannot be positive. Hence, equation 5.3 appears to be the best one although it does not contain a price term.


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