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Cuba: Transitions without End

Fidel Castro and the revolution in Cuba that he helped incubate for more than half a century cannot be abstracted from the role of the masses as the energising dynamic of change. His retirement from the helm of affairs does not in any way mark the beginning of the end of the socialist revolution there; the most important conditioner of the future direction of socialism in Cuba is the ethical foundations on which it reposes.

Iraq: The Nemesis of Imperialism

The colonial pillage of Iraq has also exposed the soft economic underbelly of American imperialism that is battling for its own survival, living off borrowed time and other people?s borrowed money. What the imperial genocide in Iraq has unmasked is the extent to which it is a giant with feet of clay with its shrinking uncompetitive industries and thrashing in a storm-tossed sea of debt.

Venezuela: What Next for the 'Bolivarian Revolution'?

The August referendum may have ratified the Chavez presidency, but a range of united forces continues to oppose the legally elected government in Venezuela. In this, the vested interests of big business, chiefly in oil and media, have been unabashedly supported by the US. But in spite of the long-running opposition to the Chavez presidency, recent months have seen an upsurge in support for the 'Bolivarian revolution'.

Dien Bien Phu

The concern here is not the recalling of a great event cast in stone but rather the lessons and relevance that must be drawn from it in the light of the continuing genocide in Iraq perpetrated by the same power whose presence was paramount in Indochina for 30 years. This then is the story of Dien Bien Phu.

Iraq: Faluja: A New Beginning?

The incidents at Faluja mark the beginning of a new national consciousness in which Saddam and the Baathist ideology are wholly irrelevant. Men and women, shias and sunnis, Christians and Kurds fought side by side here demonstrating a new national consciousness that straddles religious, social and political divisions.

Sharon: For Whom the Bell Tolls

With Yasser Arafat subdued and the Palestinian Authority successfully emasculated, Israel might have picked an opportune moment to kill Sheik Ahmed Yassin, the spiritual leader of Hamas.

Tony Blair: Relic of the Past?

Events in recent months have highlighted the extent to which Tony Blair is a relic of the past, chained to his exterminatory evangelical dogmas, relentlessly bent on pursuing a course that has proved lethal for his victims and for his political career.

Edward Said (1935-2003)

World-recognised scholar, master, teacher and author Edward Said, will to most people be, however, inextricably and permanently associated with the freedom struggle of Palestinian people.

Bolivia: The Resurgence of Indo America

The Bolivian insurgency is but a part of the upsurge in the region. What is at stake is not merely the survival of the progressive movement in Latin America, but the survival of the creole oligarchy protected as it has been by US. The insurgency is the historical upshot of a far-reaching and sustained class struggle that has raged for months and would have been inconceivable without an ideologically coherent mass organised political base.

Unravelling of Blair

Though requested for by prime minister Blair himself, the memorial service for the dead in the Iraq war on October 10 at St Paulâ??s cathedral in central London will remain for viewers who witnessed the spectacle on the BBC a most poignant commentary on the horrors of a lost war and a searing critique of one of its criminal architects.

Stalingrad: Hitler's Nemesis

Stalingrad was more than a resounding triumph of Soviet strategy, technology, guts and endurance. It was the feat of an indomitable spirit whose goal was the wholesale destruction of fascism as the embodiment of the supreme counter-revolution.

Countdown to Genocide

The invasion of Iraq is one of the most perfidious acts perpetrated by American imperialism since the end of the second world war. The Bush administration has introduced into international principles that do not exist in the UN Charter, the right to change the regime of another country to pre-empt a possible future threat.


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