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Financial Markets Makings of Black September

Black September Frederick F Clairmonte The currency upheavals of 'Black September' stemmed from the burgeoning and unstoppable growth of world finance, with ever larger capital stocks migrating into speculative short-term placements and only infinitesimal fractions going into productive investment.

The Tottering Empire-US Finance Capitalism

The Tottering Empire US Finance Capitalism Frederick F Clairmonte John H Cavanagh At no time since World War II have the sufferings of the American working people and the middle class become so glaring as in the current slump that officially began in July 1991. An analysis of selected components of the financial implosion so revealing of the sheer destructiveness of American capitalism.

Essays on Contemporary Terror

Frederick F Clairmonte Deterring Democracy by Noam Chomsky, Verso, New York, 1991; pp 421.
NOAM CHOMSKY, a world authority on linguistic theory from MIT continues to be as freshly irrepressible as when he first soared to distinction in his uncompromising onslaughts against US imperialism in Asia, Latin America and Africa in the 60s, The epithet 'dissident' is inappropriate to describe this activist/thinker. A more precise designation would be that of a humanist, a non-conformist rebel whose academic and non-academic career has been consecrated to battle against the monstrous lie machines not only in the ex-command economies but above all in the very heartland of global imperial power, the US.

GATT Countdown to Oblivion

Frederick F Clairmonte The official claim that GATT is the grand promoter of a multilateral trading system is public relations ballyhoo since the policies of transnational capital

Death of a Media Baron

Frederick F Clairmonte Robert Maxwell's death has not only brought into question the future of his empire, but has focused attention on the problem which besets many other national and international conglomerates: The need for long-term financing at a time when global capitalism has moved into a cyclical downswing.

Crippling of BCCI-A Study in Finance Capital

A Study in Finance Capital Frederick F Clairmonte The conflagration within BCCI is not the first and will not be the last in an era of global liberalisation of financial services in which avarice has no bounds. Deregulation of financial services now propounded In GATT by the US and others is fraught with catastrophic consequences, and not only for the third world.

A Saddam May Go, but Saddams Must Remain

and the advocates of 'swadeshi' going abroad for even minor surgical operations and that too at the expense of the government. Recently a central minister said openly that he would advocate reservations in the appointment of doctors in hospitals but would get his own surgical operation performed by the most efficient surgeon. It is also not uncommon to find academics advocating reservations in public forums but refusing to make appointments on the basts of reservation in their own institution or department.

Makings of an Imperial Presidency

Frederick F Clairmonte Given Kuwait's vast global financial interests, it was to be expected that the US would intervene to protect these interests. And in the bargain the Gulf war has served for Bush and the political caste on Capitol Hill the important purpose of exorcising the spectre of Indochina.

Global Services Shifting Galaxy of Imperialism

Given that the extent of concentration in services is far greater than in the concentration of goods with the third world continuing to be marginalised, it is not surprising that the handful of imperialist powers which dominate international trade in services are precisely those who are the prime advocates of services liberalisation in the GATT.

President Bush The Last Hurrah

Frederick F Clairmonte Has the US administration reflected on the nature of its plans and premises? When Bush decides on a course of war, as he has already done, what will be its implications, not only on the middle east, but also for the US and, by extension, to the entire international economy?

Debacle of the Uruguay Round-An Autopsy

The Uruguay Round has been a laboratory for gauging not only the intricacies of the negotiating labyrinth, but also the sheer destructiveness of the economic war itself among the major protagonists: the US, the EC, Japan and the third world. Its collapse will see the escalation of powerful regional economic blocks once again.

Harvest of the Holocaust

Frederick F Clairmonte There is no need for the sanctification of Hiroshima, Nagasaki and Dresden thereby elevating them into profoundly mystical events. Rather, they were the syntheses of a specific set of conditions with vital decisions taken by a small band of men endowed with prodigious personal power acting on erroneous premises.


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