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The Arab Cause in Modern Terms

A Matter of Period Vinod Mehta The Soviet Union and the Emerging Nations: A Case Study of Soviet Policy Towards India, by Harish Kapur; Michael Joseph, London,

Rule by Torture

Rule by Torture A G Noorani peets of torture, the arguments for and against its official use, problems el legal definition, medical and psychological aspects, and the need for legal and other remedies. The lack of adequate legal remedies is underscored by three cases studies: the Middle East, Greece and Northern Ireland.

AMNESTY INTERNATIONAL-Growing Repression in Asia

January 12, 1974 cot help the situation any because, even by GPI's own admission, the state is the social and political base of Right reaction'.

Groundwork for Transfer of Power

The Transfer of Power 1942-7; Vol IV : The Bengal Famine and the New Viceroyalty, 15 June 1943

A Postponed Duty

some of the areas where this satyagraha caused the greatest stir, the Home Rule Leagues and the Satyagraha Sabhas were to all intents and purposes nonexistent.

International Arbiters

not find historical evidence to support this fiction, he proclaims that ideologies have no hearing on the prevailing economic order! This sort of reasoning provides, of course, -a false rationale for eventual convergence of * systems with very distant ideologies.

Vande Mataram A Historical Lesson

The controversy over the singing of Vande Mataram in Bombay's municipal schools has all but died down. But the consequences of the bigoted propaganda of the communal forces of the Muslim League, the Shiv Sena and the Jan Sangh, as well as the hamhanded treatment of the issue by the Maharashtra government, will be with us for some time to come. Fortunately, the controversy did not spread much beyond the city or become a national issue.

Unfair Balance

Unfair Balance A G Noorani Libel and Slander by Peter F Carter-Ruck; Faber and Faber, 1972; agents: Oxford University Press;

The Art of Negotiation

The Art of Negotiation A G Noorani Modern International Negotiation by Arthur Lall ; Columbia University
THE Clausewitz dictum that war is diplomacy is often recalled but its implications are seldom remembered. Curiously, while much thought and labour have been bestowed on strategic doctrine and the conduct of war, the art of negotiation has been largely neglected. One finds works on the technical aspects of diplomacy, but none on the art proper. Now, after Fred C Ikle 's book "How Nations Negotiate" appears Arthur Lall's work drawing heavily on his long experience as a veteran Indian diplomat He has laboured hard and delved into diplomatic records, but the more interesting part of the book is Lall's recollections of the disarmament conferences in Geneva, the 1956 Suez Canal conference in London, the Laos conference, the Belgrade conference of the non- aligned and the negotiations at the UN.

Asian Frontiers

Asian Frontiers A G Noorani ALASTAIR Lamb's works have acquired note for their erudition, their pro-Chinese bias and the sustained guesswork which marks and mars his analyses of current problems from the historical perspective. More of the same thing is what the reader is tempted to say of the present work. Yet, it is different and compels one's admiration by the sweep of its narrative and the sheer range of its concern, even as the earlier works did by the depth of research.

The Making of Pakistan

The Making of Pakistan A G Noorani Pakistan: The Formative Phase, 1857-1948 by Khalid B Sayeed; Oxford University Press; price 45 sh.
WHEN the first edition of this work was published in 1960 it won wide acclaim as a definitive Pakistani work on the establishment of Pakistan, bringing its author recognition as a leading Pakistani scholar Khalid Sayeed's writings are free from the propagandistic strain which mars most Pakistani, and, for that matter, much of Indian writing on recent events in the subcontinent. The national bias is, of course, there. But there is able analysis, documentation, and there is the refreshingly graceful expression.


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