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Growing Gig Economy in India: Is More the Merrier?

In recent years, numerous studies have emphasised the rise of the gig economy in labour markets across the globe. The gig economy's workforce participation rate is growing in tandem with the number of companies in the space. Multiple limitations of this model have been discussed, in both academic and industry literature. However, the perspective has always been concerning businesses and their profitability. Broader sociological and macroeconomic questions are yet to be answered: Is a growing gig workforce good for society? Can the workforce engaged in the gig economy be factored into employment figures of a country? Can employment in the gig economy be seen as an alternative to traditional employment among people who are in lower socio-economic strata, and is it capable of fulfilling the aspirations of an individual and family? This article provides a viewpoint and further directions for research on these questions based on fundamental observations. However, it does not intend to provide a comprehensive empirical answer to these questions.
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