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Punjab Communalised beyond Politics

Punjab: Communalised beyond Politics It is now becoming apparent to many Hindus in Punjab that the Sikhs in general have no common cause with the terrorists. The Sikhs too have made it apparent, through their response to Operation Black Thunder, that the extremists do not speak for them. If New Delhi is seriously interested in bringing to an end the sufferings of the people of Punjab then the present popular mood in the state offers it yet another opportunity.

DEFENCE-Layers of Camouflage

government, suspension of some corrupt officials, the spartan life styles of the new ministers and the visible efforts to cleanse public life of corruption and communalism proved to be image-boosters for the LDF.

DEFFENCE-Bottomless Pit

DEFFENCE Bottomless Pit Gautam Navlakha THE agreement signed between General Electric and Hindustan Aeronautics (HAL) on January 19 for the licensed production in India of l.M WTPP marine gas turbine engines tor the Indian Navy is merely the latest in a series of agreements for enhancing the lethal power of the Indian armed forces. In December last India became the first country outside the Soviet bloc to receive the latest Soviet fighter aircraft, MIG 29. In this instance the government of India has decided not to go in for licensed production; instead, India will purchase altogether 50 such planes. Prior to this India bought two squadrons of combat helicopters which have shown their deadly efficacy against the Afghan nationalists. An extensive purchase list has been prepared for the Indian Navy and this includes an aircraft carrier, destroyers, cruisers, patrol boats, aircraft, helicopters, ammunition for them and, last but not the least, submarines. This, of course, docs not include the expansion of existing naval bases and construction of several new ones such as the Rs 1,800 erore allocated for the naval air base at Karwar in the Andamans. It also does not include the cost of building the southern air command at Madurai. In other words, the Indian armed forces are in the midst of a substantial and comprehensive updating of their arsenal and expansion of their lethal reach, something unprecedented during 'peace time'.

Muslim Maintenance Bill A Postscript

Muslim Maintenance Bill: A Postscript Gautam Navlakha IT is the mark of time that a Supreme Court judgment in 1985 could create a momentum when a similar judgment few years earlier caused not a flutter. While to some extent this is because the Muslim Personal Law Board was actively involved on side of the husband in the Shah Bano case and therefore had staked its prestige on the issue, several other factors contributed to build up opposition to the judgment, The judgment quite unnecessarily contained disparaging remarks about Islam and its Prophet. But more than anything else the judgment became a rallying point for a community afflicted by the seige mentality. However, the Muslim community chose the wrong cause and for wrong reasons to come out against the judgment and clamoured for retrogressive legislation which would, in course of time, be used further as a symbol for arousing Hindu chauvinism. It was perfectly possible to support the judgment granting maintenance while criticising it for going beyond what it was required to do.


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