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Emerging Governmentality and Biopolitics of COVID-19 in India

Measures like disciplining and quarantining are associated with the governments’ extraordinary powers during unprecedented times. In this context, the biopolitics of the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic is discussed. When the steps taken by the government to contain the spread of coronavirus are failing, we need new imageries to tackle the challenges that lie ahead of us.

Reimagining the Geographies of the Gorkhaland Movement

While the demand for self-rule is not unknown in the Darjeeling hills, the recent triggers for the movement demanding the creation of Gorkhaland can be traced from the time the Trinamool Congress won the civic body election in the hill areas and imposed the compulsory adoption of Bengali language in schools. This prompts one to look critically at the imagined geography of a place, as envisioned by the government, as well as by those protesting for the creation of a new state, to understand whether and how a regional movement threatens the concept of nationalism.

Tripura's Tryst with Literacy

Tripura’s achievement in ensuring near full literacy is a consequence of initiatives taken at the level of governance, peoples’ participation and political will. 

The 'Ubiquitous' Bangladeshis

The mid-channel bars on the Brahmaputra, the chars, were settled before 1947 by migrants from East Bengal. Economic conditions on these tracts are bad and the chars are also subject to fl ooding, forcing the residents to migrate to the plains. But when these citizens migrate thus, they are viewed suspiciously due to the "indigenous-foreigner-minority" syndrome and are seen as Bangladeshis.

The "Ubiquitous" Bangladeshis

The identity-based politics of Assam remains entrapped within the contours of “cultural exclusivism”. The article analyses the oft forgotten char dwellers of Assam, who are the worst victims of a ubiquitous “indigenous-foreigner-minority” syndrome. When the hapless char dwellers migrate from the chars, they become the victims of discrimination. They are labelled as Bangladeshis or illegal immigrants from across the international border.

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