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Beyond the Naga Perspective

Bela Bhatia (“Justice Denied to Tribals in the Hill Districts of Manipur”, 31 July) in her indignation over the Nagas not receiving a fair deal has overlooked certain complexities that must be taken into account in suggesting a resolution of the problem.

Working for Peace in Assam

The primary focus of the Indian state in the north-east has been on the security issue.

Positions on Assam History

Ever since the advent of capitalist modernity, nation and nationalism have conferred a sense of identity on large numbers of people all over the world. While not proposing a rendering of the history of a region to the exclusion of the bigger currents of Indian history and culture, this article makes a case for greater emphasis on the regional history of Assam.

On 'Swadhin Assam'

I am not sure I can endorse some of M S Prabhakara’s views though no one doubts the sincerity of his commitment to Assam’s welfare (EPW, 2 January 2010).

Ashoka in Retrospection

Romila Thapar’s impressive scholarship is deployed to a more or less discursive reading of Ashoka’s pronouncements. But the socio-economic base of such studies tends to get blurred.

Deafening Silence on Calamity Facing Assam

The big dams being proposed to be built in the foothills of the Himalayas in Arunachal Pradesh are posing a horrendous threat to the people of Assam in the plains and there is an extremely grave probability that the lives and livelihood of 30 to 40 lakhs of indigenous people will be washed away b

Retreat to Positivism

The valorisation of the liberal state and democracy in Dipankar Gupta's article comparing Gandhi and Habermas is erroneous and elides the well-known shortcomings and biases of this dispensation. This article also misreads Gandhi and its use of Habermas as a point of comparison appears to be a case of over-interpretation which does not fit the facts.

Khmer Rouge: Accuracy of Numbers

In connection with proceedings of the genocide tribunal being held in C ambodia, the leading publications in the United States are regularly publishing ghastly details of massacres committed by Khmer Rouge leaders like the late Pol Pot, Ieng Sary and Khieu Samphan.

The Obama Phenomenon

By any criterion, the inauguration of President Barack Obama is an unprecedented event, historic in its implications. Two million people gathered in a disciplined crowd and watched the ceremony in biting cold.

Religion, Identity and Riots

The ghastly anti-Christian and presumably anti-dalit atrocities by Bajrang Dal and other Hindutva fanatics have understandably upset committed progressive scholars. But that does not absolve them of the duty to take into account all aspects of the phenomenon.

An Unblinking Gaze at Horror: The Dark Dancer

A reading of Balachandra Rajan's The Dark Dancer on the 50th anniversary of its publication - a fictionalised Partition narrative that did not get the attention it deserved.

Big Dams, Big Floods: On Predatory Development

Built on the logic of "development", big dams have wreaked havoc on indigenous communities in Assam and Arunachal Pradesh with regular flooding. By pursuing predatory development the central and state governments are equally culpable of visiting disaster on the region.


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