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Towards a Knowledge-Based Society

Reservations in institutes of higher education may not ideally ensure the production of high quality research and knowledge, necessary for a country's development and for its very self-preservation. This article suggests that apart from ensuring the spread of universal primary education, efforts should be invested to set in place mechanisms to spot, nurture and direct talent at the primary school stage itself so that children's abilities, irrespective of caste or any other identity restrictions, are moulded towards the search for excellence.

Examining the Examination System

The present exam system is essentially atrophied and unless it is drastically revised, scandals about the exams are bound to crop up regularly. The academic community has to address three issues at least: how to make the present student-teacher ratio less skewed than it is today; how to reduce the over-centralisation that has become chronic, and to dispassionately consider the current practices for preserving confidentiality and for maintaining uniformity of standards.

Muslim World's Dilemma

What Went Wrong? The Clash between Islam and Modernity in the Middle East by Bernard Lewis; Oxford University Press, US, 2002;
J V DESHPANDE The question posed in the title of this slim volume by Bernard Lewis,

On a National Identity Card

Even if the government limits the issue of the NICs to adults in the chosen 13 states, it will involve registration of at least 100 million persons and issue of cards to them. Given their known record in the issue of ration cards, passports and permanent account numbers to income tax-payers, which arms of the central and state bureaucracies can be considered equal to the task today?

Deteriorating Primary Education

The Maharashtra government's decision to institute a new public examination at the end of the fourth year of primary education, which will be compulsory for students of all government-aided schools, cannot be expected to make any difference to the admittedly deplorable standards of primary education in the state when the government has no plans to meet the woeful shortages of trained teachers and essential school facilities.

Gaav Gada

Without going into the merits of R Deshmukh’s English translation of the Marathi book Gaav Gada, it must be said that the review of the translation by Deena Khatkhate (December 15) is grossly unfair to the original book.

Talking with Pakistan

Does the current situation - in Kashmir, in Pakistan and here in India - really justify the starting of a fresh dialogue with Pakistan or offer a modicum of hope of a dialogue yielding worthwhile results? A different view.


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