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Statement of Historians

Concerned at the highly vitiated atmosphere prevailing in the country, characterised by various forms of intolerance, we, as academic historians and as responsible citizens of a democracy that has greatly valued its inherited traditions of tolerance, wish to express our anguish and protest about

Forerunners of Dadabhai Naoroji's Drain Theory

Much before Dadabhai Naoroji wrote his famous work attributing India's abysmal poverty to sustained drain of its wealth to Britain and even decades before the Indian National Congress placed it on its agenda for change, a small band of Maharashtrian intellectuals, wrote several hard-hitting articles in the English and the Marathi language press all through the decade of the 1840s that were harshly critical of British government policies that had led to India's impoverishment. But their tirade was equally sharp against age-old Indian traditions and social evils like the caste system that had abetted in India's long slide towards servitude.

Lokmanya Tilak on Karl Marx and Class Conflict

Bal Gangadhar Tilak was the first Indian nationalist to introduce Karl Marx and his concept of class conflict to India, as early as 1881.

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