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Blurring the Lines between Parties and Social Bases-Gundu Rao and Emergence of a Janata Government in Karnataka

Blurring the Lines between Parties and Social Bases Gundu Rao and Emergence of a Janata Government in Karnataka James Manor In the absence of an organisational instrument capable of rigorous, relatively centralised control of the regions, leaders at the national level have been able to make their influence penetrate down to the regional level and below most effectively by means of compromise and bargaining with powerful groups in regional and sub-regional areas. Since 1970 or so Indira Gandhi has tended to depart from this method by attempting to operate by diktat on the erroneous assumption that this will enable her to make her influence penetrate more effectively to lower levels and second, to homogenise the politics of the varied regions.

Anomie in Indian Politics-Origins and Potential Wider Impact

Origins and Potential Wider Impact James Manor Two major changes have occurred in the Indian polity since the mid-1960s. Competition and conflict among interest groups have quickened and the Congress party organisation, which had been the central political institution, the instrument for conflict management, has crumbled.

Pragmatic Progressives in Regional Politics-The Case of Devaraj Urs

The Case of Devaraj Urs James Manor Even though the party bearing the name of Devaraj Urs suffered a near rout nationally and a total rout in Karnataka itself in the recent Lok Sabha polls, the spectacular showing of the Congress bearing the name of Indira Gandhi in the state should be read as a perverse endorsement of the achieve ments of the Devaraj Urs administtation.

Structural Changes in Karnataka Politics

October 29, 1977 Amiya Kumar Bagchi. The author is also indebted to Nirmal Kumar Chandra for his valuable comments. The errors that remain, are, however, the author's own.] 1 Ayhan Cilingiroglu, ''Manufacture of Heavy Electrical Equipment in Developing Countries'', World Bank Staff Occasional Paper 9, IBRD, 1969.


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