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An Old Publisher's Lament

The Business of Words by André Schiffrin (New Delhi:Navayana), 2011; pp 296, Rs 295.

Puncturing Switzerland's Secret Banking System

The only effective way to bring back black money is to develop a worldwide people's campaign to boycott goods and services from Switzerland and other tax havens.

Media and Obama

The overwhelming majority of our media reports and comments during Barack Obama’s visit openly and repeatedly showcased the complexes and shrill emotions of our dominant elites vis-à-vis America and Americans.

Immigrants: Corroding the Sovereign State's Authority?

history of the non-Russian nationalities was viewed in the Soviet era, in view of the fact that this addresses the sensitive and contentious question of valorisation of Russian nationalism vis-

Sangam: A Site for Election Predictions

The pilgrims from every corner of the country who take a dip at the holy confluence of the Ganga and the Yamuna express their political views which are distilled by the local boatmen into a reliable brew of electoral prophecy.

Unsavoury Ways

In their recent pieces in EPW on the early years of Economic Weekly (EW), Deena Khatkhate (3 January 2009) and Anand Chandavarkar (10 January 2009) have referred approvingly to the practice of government officials publishing anonymous articles in EW.

Nuclear Issue as Hollow as 'India Shining'

The scatological nuclear debate - with its irrelevance for most citizens struggling to feed themselves in inflationary times - has discredited all parliamentary parties. The demeaning feud could have grave political consequences with an increasingly scornful electorate turning further towards petty, sectarian parties or to extraparliamentary forces.

Nuclear Hullabaloo: Drowning Out the Woes of the Disadvantaged

The current commotion over the Indo-US nuclear deal is globalising and, thereby, distorting the domestic political needs and priorities of the vast majority of our people.

Community and Caste in Uniform

in Uniform Khaki and the Ethnic Violence in India by Omar Khalidi; Three Essays Collective, Delhi, 2003; pp xiii +126, Rs 350 (hardcover), Rs 150 (paperback).

India's Iraq Options

The US may remain our distant friend but Iraq, Iran and the Gulf region will always remain near neighbours tied to us by geography and history. Leaving aside any moral and ideological compunctions, in terms of sheer realpolitik it would be wise of us not to alienate popular opinion in our vicinity, which is overwhelmingly anti-American, by sending Indian troops to bolster the continued violation of Iraqi sovereignty by American military occupiers.

High Explosive Hysteria

How do American warriors end up killing and alienating so many of the people they have ostensibly come to save? Do the answers lie in the high-tech dependence and in the psycho-social profile of the US soldier?


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