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Farming Needs Young Blood

Indian agriculture has an image problem. There is decreasing interest among educated rural youth to enter agriculture-related professions due to the persistent perception of agriculture as an outdated occupation with minimal financial returns.

The Proverbial Frog

This is with reference to the incisive article, “The Paris Agreement” (EPW, 16 January 2016), by T Jayaraman and Tejal Kanitkar. Climate change is truly the toughest public policy problem that humanity has ever faced.

Hunger in Tea Gardens

This is with reference to “Living Conditions of Tea Plantation Workers” by Sharit K Bhowmik (EPW, 21 November 2015). Indeed, it is a cruel irony that, on the one hand, starvation deaths are reported in India, and on the other, we have abundant foodgrains.

A Carnivorous Species

This is with reference to the commentary “‘Will Eat Anything That Moves’: Meat Cultures in Globalising India” by Krithika Srinivasan and Smitha Rao (EPW, 26 September 2015). The common perception about India as a vegetarian nation is indeed highly exaggerated.

Food Price Volatility

This is with reference to the incisive article, "Agrarian Performance and Food Price Inflation in India" by Sthanu R Nair and Leena Mary Eapen (EPW, 1 August 2015). Sometimes the higher rate of food price inflation is accepted as an inevitable consequence of rapid economic growth.

The Poverty of Politics

This is with reference to the editorial “Limits of the SECC Data” (EPW, 18 July 2015). Within India’s political parties and their committed academic circuits, there is a thriving industry that routinely churns out poverty estimates.

Contaminated Food

With reference to your editorial, “The Noodle Muddle” (EPW, 20 June 2015), the rapid development of food processing technologies and the advent of the Green Revolution opened up, wittingly or unwittingly, avenues for contamination of our food with thousand types of exogenous chemicals called food

A Pressing Issue

The incisive article, “Ageing in India” (EPW, 2 May 2015) by Charan Singh and others reminded me of a paradoxical statement by the German psychologist Paul B Baltes, “Old age is young.” Indeed, old age is emerging as a pressing issue in contemporary societies.

Livery of Freedom

This is with reference to the brilliantly written article “Khadi Production in India” by Sumanas Koulagi (EPW, 11 April 2015). Bernard Shaw had once remarked that though Mahatma Gandhi could commit any number of tactical errors, his essential strategy continued to be right.

Reforming PDS

This is with reference to the editorial, “Volte-face on Food Security” (EPW, 31 January 2015).

Double Burden

This is with reference to the article, “Nutrition: What Needs To Be Done?” by Jomo Kwame Sundaram and Vikas Rawal (EPW, 18 October 2014). The impact of under-nutrition on one’s future life starts much before one’s birth.


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