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Key Drivers of Indian Greenhouse Gas Emissions

The underlying drivers of changes in the greenhouse gas emissions over time in India are investigated using several complementary approaches. Emission projections are developed based on India’s Intended Nationally Determined Contributions and compared with a range of emission scenarios. Projections show continued economic growth that leads to rising energy use, with per capita emissions possibly increasing by 40% by 2030, although new technologies may reduce energy consumption and emissions growth. To slow down emissions’ growth further will require strong decarbonisation of the energy sector.

An Economic Analysis of Demand for Water Quality

This paper makes an assessment of demand for drinking water quality. It is assumed that individual households are able to value changes in water quality services in the absence of an explicit market. If water quality improves and consumers believe they are better off in some way, then there will be willingness to pay money for securing this improvement. This willingness to pay (WTP) reflects economic valuation of improved water quality. Spending power of households and educational background are important determining factors in WTP. Any sustainable water management policy decision through imposition of water charge needs to take income distribution pattern and ability to pay across expenditure classes into consideration.

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