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Independence of the Central Bank

The article on the stand-off between the government and the Reserve Bank of India (rbi) on macro policy (“Government and RBI: No Real Stand-off over Macro Policy”, EPW, 11 April 2015) essentially argues  for some degree of independence of the government from the central bank and to make the latte

On Central Banking

One is inclined to endorse the views of Mary George on the state of the Reserve Bank of India (“RBI: Old and New”, EPW, 12 October 2013).

Focusing on Inflation

Focusing monetatry policy on taming recalcitrant inflation, the Reserve Bank of India has raised its policy interest rates for the 13th time since March 2010.

Aftermath of Miracle Economies

After Crisis: Adjustment, Recovery and Fragility in East Asia edited by Jayati Ghosh and C P Chandrasekhar (New Delhi: Tulika Books), pp viii+ 316, Rs 650.

Kerala's LDF Government in Four Years of Office

The Left Democratic Front government has a few achievements to its name that have benefited the people of Kerala. But a number of areas crying for attention have not been addressed by the LDF in its four years in office, and this has generated considerable resentment. The government's spokespersons also need to adopt a more restrained approach in conveying what the government has been doing and what it intends to do.

Kudumbashree: A Poverty Eradication Mission in Kerala

A recent survey on the performance of the Kudumbashree projects - a poverty eradication mission the Kerala government initiated in 1999 - shows some deficiencies and lacunae in a few selected panchayats in certain factors. But, still, it would seem that Kudumbashree with its accent on the empowerment, participation and leadership of women could make a qualitative difference to the life of people.

Black Spots in Kerala's Socio-Economic Scene

Kerala now enjoys a high rate of economic growth and remittances continue to boost consumption. But going by a number of socioeconomic indicators ? such as farm production, unemployment, incidence of lifestyle diseases and suicides ? the state is no ?god?s own country?.

Kerala : Revisiting Silent Valley

A proposed new hydel power project virtually next door to the Silent Valley rekindles the arguments of 'development' versus conservation.

Surface View of Rural Money Market

out by the author in his introduction, is primarily concerned with investigation and analysts of (a) the nature and composition of organised and unorganised money markets in India, (b) the factors affecting the demand side of agricultural credit, (c) nature and determinants of rural interest rates and (d) the existing links between the two money markets. Historically the various commissions and committees of inquiry which have assessed or examined conditions under which rural credit operated have gone over those aspects. Hut what distinguishes the book under review from the earlier studies is that here an attempt has been made for the first time to analyse the available data on rural credit with the aid of statistical tools.

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