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A Life in Search of Freedom for India

Civil Disobedience: Two Freedom Struggles, One Life by L C Jain (New Delhi: The Book Review Literary Trust, Vasant Enclave), 2010; pp 266, Rs 395.

Not a Keynesian Moment?

Avinash Persaud (“A Keynesian Moment? Hardly”, EPW, 27 November 2010) bases himself on two premises: (a) precautionary savings are not at too high a level to create unemployment equilibrium; and (b) the world’s reserve currency is “issued by a country in permanent deficit” (p 10).

Remembering Raj: A Reflection

A tribute to K N Raj on a friendship and professional association that stretched across more than half a century.

Reflections on Policymaking in Half Measure

To conclude I must add a few small points. Though the book carries a map of India portraying the towns where the Yadavs predominantly reside, it would have been helpful if a map of Mathura was also carried to depict the precise sites where the research was carried out. Also, the glossary contains some avoidable errors

Sachin's Only Love

On stimulating upcoming social scientists and commentators, ew succeeded famously. Apart from providing room in each issue for a section on special articles, Sachin Chaudhuri had a knack for discovering new talent, wherever it existed. Many young economists and sociologists started writing regularly for the ew, under their own signatures or incognito. Many who are now internationally famous grew out of the columns of the EW; and happily for the journal their association with the ew's successor - Economic & Political Weekly - has endured over the years. As always, the columns of ew were open to all those who had something worthwhile to say of a practical or theoretical nature, no matter what they wanted to propound - as long it was cogent and intellectually honest. It was a high ideal that he set, from which many young researchers have benefited.

Farewell to Virtue

H Y Sharada Prasad, who passed away on September 2, 2008 is remembered mostly for the long years he spent as media adviser to Indira Gandhi and Rajiv Gandhi, which obviously was not a bed of roses. That is a part of history.

A Remembrance

K S KRISHNASWAMY When I first met Indraprasad Gordhanbhai Patel in 1944 in Bombay, he had just registered for a masters course in the University School of Economics and Sociology. He was then a shy and callow youth, softspoken but very sociable. I last met him in 2004, at the conference held in Thrissur, Kerala, to celebrate the 80th birthday of our common friend K N Raj.


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