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Locking Down on Rights: Surveillance and Administrative Ambiguity in the Pandemic

As the third chapter of the COVID-19 lockdown in India unfolds, the guidelines provided by the central and state governments remain ambiguous, unclear, and vague. The authors argue that such ambiguity could be strategic. Combined with instances such as the voluntary-but-mandatory use of technological solutions to contain the pandemic, this could effectively put in place a surveillance state that holds in scant regard the civil rights of the citizens it seeks to govern.

To Lead or To Follow?

The Supreme Court's judgment on shariat courts and Dar-ul-Qazas is a fine blend of how the law not just leads but also follows.

Hope for Justice

While the media has been critical of khap panchayats that have been in the news for encouraging "honour killings", there is also a push to ban these informal/traditional dispute resolution forums altogether. The Supreme Court, in all fairness, has called on khap members to put forth their arguments, which indicates that the Court is willing to consider the critical role these informal justice systems play in resolving disputes at the local level.

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