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Governance Failures and the Anti-Political Fallout

The terror attacks in Mumbai that began on 26 November revealed a failure in governance on many fronts. The city has been victim to a string of disasters and crises in recent years, yet the emergency response was once again abysmal. A multiplicity of agencies was handing out information which was often incorrect. The people of Mumbai are very angry, but unlike in the past this anger shows little sign of being channelled into serious debate that will lead to constructive action. Instead the anti-political rhetoric that is being drummed up by the media will have a negative fallout and threatens to open the door for fascist tendencies.

The Real Media Explosion

Headlines from the Heartland: Reinventing the Hindi Public Sphere by Sevanti Ninan;

Between the Lines-Women s Issues in English Language Newspapers

Women's Issues in English Language Newspapers Ammu Joseph Kalpana Sharma The increased attention to women and to women's issues in the media in the last decade has not been free of blatant sexism and/or subtle distortions, partly as a consequence of overt biases and partly due to the very structure of the media. This article looks at the coverage of all issues concerning women in the English language press between 1979 and 1988 focusing on five landmark issues

Misusing the Term Green

Kalpana Sharma THE ninth Lok Sabha elections fieraided a new phenomenon

Malaysia Bogey of Racial Tension

gave the NPA time to learn and establish guerilla fronts. By the time the Tripoli agreement was signed in 1982 between the Marcos government and the MNLF, the NPA had already established a sufficient number of guerilla fronts (36) to make it difficult for the AFP to sufficiently concentrate its forces to deal decisive blows at the NPA. Of course, along with that the weakening of the Marcos regime made it impossible for the Martial Law administration to fully use even the armed forces at its disposal.

RELIGION-Dawoodi Bohras Struggle for Control

RELIGION Dawoodi Bohras: Struggle for Control Kalpana Sharma THE demonstrations held outside the head office and several branches of the Bombay Mercantile Co-operative Bank by orthodox Bohras in mid-May symbolised one of the central aspects of the on-going struggle within the Dawoodi Bohra community. Ostensibly the demonstrators only wanted the bank to stop giving interest because they claimed this was against Islam; the bank, the demonstrators insisted. was a Muslim bank and therefore should adhere to Islamic tenets.


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