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Bash the Bowlers

Today, more than ever before, the balance in the game of cricket is skewed heavily in favour of batsmen. The immense popularity of one-day cricket and, more recently, the T20 format, where batsmen go all out to enthrall the crowds with their batting prowess, has accelerated this development. It is up to bodies like the International Cricket Council and Marylebone Cricket Club to frame rules to redress the bowler-batsman imbalance and restore the spirit of the traditional game.

Misreading Charlie Hebdo

Charlie Hebdo’s critics have got one thing wrong – the real target of such terrorist attacks  is not the “Islamophobic” Western establishment, it is the Muslim heretic who wants to defy the cleric and redefine her/his identity. 

A Second Coming

In the masterly hands of U Shrinivas, the mandolin, a musical instrument once alien to India, touched the core of jazz music – improvisation and camaraderie.

The Marathon as Disport

The marathon, perhaps the most elemental of all sports, celebrates self-discovery and a non-competitive pushing of physical limits. 

Success in Sports

The editorial (“Gaming Indian Sports”, 15 June 2013) correctly comments that in the hullabaloo over the sordid developments in the Indian Premier League (IPL), the role of sport and sport promotion in society has been forgotten. But some of its arguments remain questionable.

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