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A Development Strategy for the 1990s

Growth of the Indian economy over the last four decades has been inadequate; poverty, hunger and illiteracy persist amidst abundant food stocks; much of our industry remains internationally non-competitive and requires import of technology; and public sector does not generate significant surplus and remains inefficient. Given this experience what should be our goals and policies for the 90s?

Agricultural Planning and Policy in Draft Sixth Plan-Will Farmers Fulfil Planners Expectations

This paper examines the methodological procedure followed by the Planning Commission for prescribing the target levels of agricultural output in the Draft Sixth plan. It is argued that the procedure followed is inadequate for a number of reasons, and that for a satisfactory matching of plans and policies an understanding of farm supply responses is essential.

HYV Fertilisers Synergy or Substitution-Implications for Policy and Prospects for Agricultural Development

Implications for Policy and Prospects for Agricultural Development Kirit S Parikh This paper analyses the results of the Simple Fertiliserof Agricultural Research on cultivators fields to argue that, need not necessarily be concentrated either on irrigated landto be based on an analysis of local conditions and responses of guided by general principles of Introduction TH E conventional wisdom regarding the natute of the high yielding varieties (HYV) which have ushered in the 'Green Revolution' includes the following beliefs:

Very Little Economic Analysis

THIS book is a collection of 16 papers presented at the First Seminar of the Input Output Research Association, India, held in Poona in August 1965, a resume of Input Output Economics by the editors and a summary of the proceedings of the Conference. In the foreword, V M Dandekar has done a good job of summarising in sentences the table of contents.


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