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Promise and Performance of the Forest Rights Act

The Forest Rights Act, 2006 has the potential to democratise forest governance by recognising community forest resource rights over an estimated 85.6 million acres of India’s forests, thereby empowering over 200 million forest dwellers in over 1,70,000 villages. However, till date, only 3% of this potential area has been realised.

Confronting Extractive Capital

Mines and other large industrial projects in Odisha have meant the large-scale displacement of people, and destruction of the environment. These have led to widespread grass-roots resistance. This paper takes a look at the major movements against dislocation and the state-corporate nexus that seeks to repress or counter them. It analyses who actually benefits from further depriving the poor, and the crony capitalism and capture of the state apparatus by the extractive sector. It also points out that an increasing convergence of the ecological and social justice trajectories is seen in the people's resistance movements.

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