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A freedom movement for women has been sparked off. Citizens across the country are demanding an end to the generations of violence and suppression faced by hundreds of millions of Indian women and girls – from rape and domestic abuse, to lower pay and no right to property.

Acquisition of Nuclear Submarine

We strongly condemn India’s recent acquisition of a nuclear-propelled submarine close on the heels of the recent flight test of another nuclear-capable missile.

Sanjay Biswas

The Coalition for Nuclear Disaarmament and Peace (CNDP) is deeply saddened to learn of the death of Sanjay K Biswas (68), the former Dean of Engineering at the Indian Institute of Science at Bangalore. He passed away on 28 April following a heart attack.

No Baying for Blood

I find myself deeply troubled by the cacophony of sound bytes and shrill demands for death penalty for the Delhi bus gang rapists. We need to ask the question – will a death penalty solve the problem? Can it guarantee that there will be no more rapes?

Koodankulam Diary

A former chief of the naval staff and his wife spent a few days in early December with the people of Koodankulam and Idinthakarai in Tamil Nadu who are protesting against the giant nuclear power complex that is nearing completion. They have come away with answers to questions about what motivates the protestors - 80% of whom are women - to continue doggedly to oppose the plant. They have also come away with questions. Are these people being obstructionist, anti-national and waging a war against the State in wanting safe energy and development that does not endanger their lives and livelihoods?

Land Grab in Raigad

Land sharks are in collusion with the government of Maharashtra to oust over 50,000 farming families from fertile agricultural lands in Alibag (Raigad district), across the harbour from Mumbai.

Thoughts on 1984

Twenty-one years have passed after the 1984 Sikh carnage. Emotions have mellowed, details have faded, people have moved on. But the feeling of outrage and questions remain sharper than ever as revealed by a personal narrative of 1984.

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