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Income Inequality

Utilising unit-level data from the India Human Development Surveys, income inequalities in India and in 17 major states for 2004–05 and 2011–12 are estimated. Income inequality was generally high and was rising during the years, notwithstanding some declines in a few states. It is observed that income inequalities among Indians are unlikely to be narrowed down on their own from trickledown effect of income growth.

Incidence, Forms and Determinants of Tenancy in the Agrarian Set-Up of the Assam Plains

Based on farm-level data generated through a primary survey, this paper reviews the contemporary tenancy situation across agro-economic conditions in the plains of Assam. The incidence of tenancy there has been found to be extensive, virtually all of which is informal and concealed from the law. Concealed tenancy is an unwarranted outcome of certain restrictive provisions in the tenancy law prevailing in the state as much as the shortening of the duration of tenancy contracts. Both outcomes have adverse implications for efficient, sustainable and equitable use of agricultural land under lease. Given the fact that supply of land for lease is expected to increase in the future as suggested by the present study, reforms in the tenancy law are required in order to ensure efficient and equitable utilisation of these lands. This, in turn, will involve relaxing the restrictive provisions of the law enabling separation of the user right of land from the right of ownership.

Small Is Not Beautiful

Small and Cottage Industries: A Study in Assam by Prabin Baishya; Manas Publications, Delhi, 1989; pp xv + 336, Rs 225.
THE book under review is "based on a study on role of small and cottage industries in the state of Assam and is based on field investigation and studies". The field study was undertaken with three broad objectives: (i) evaluation of the operative conditions of the industries, (ii) assessment of their specific problems, and (iii) suggestions for their improvement. The substantive part of the book is a field study in five centres of village industrial concentration and five sample villages containing 25 industries divided into two groups of 14 cottage and 12 small industries. The author with a view to making the survey a 'diagnostic' one has made painstaking efforts to analyse all relevant aspects of the surveyed industries. The survey has brought out revealing information about income and employment generation, and about the numerous problems that beset these industries.

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